MUSYNX 2.3.3 APK + MOD (Free to Play) Download

The new indie rhythm game – MUSYNX is now online!

  • Now includes 246 songs in the game
  • Create stunning game graphics with high-quality graphics from every pixel of your retina screen!
  • No matter the size of your screen or the thickness of your fingers, we guarantee you an enjoyable gaming experience!
  • With professional sound processing and high-quality audio, MUSYNX will bring you the ultimate audio experience.
  • Let every touch flow from your fingertips to a pleasant sound. Experience the fun of playing real sounds and tunes!
  • Our classic game design allows you to identify each falling note as quickly as possible. Play pop songs and tunes from stars like M2U!
  • We will never stop updating and improving our game interface!

MOD APK version of MUSYNX

MOD feature

Free to Play

Download MUSYNX APK & MOD for Android

It’s easy to see why Musynx is so popular as soon as it loads. You open the game, go through all one or two introductory screens, and you’re in. No time is wasted for the credits you have to deal with, the flashy opening movie or the silly stuff. It starts and pops up whenever you’re ready. It’s the easiest experience for me in that regard, since for most rhythm games it’s even a crafting. Don’t even talk to me about how to keep a rock band’s tracklist going.

The gameplay itself is as clean and simple as a music game, but in the genre, that’s a good thing. You have four or six keys (which are easy to remap) and you have to hit them in time according to your rhythm. You may also need to hold them, indicated by the notes with solid fill between them in the channel. Timings range from accurate to missed, and at the end of each song you’ll get a score based on your performance. In true music game fashion, you can beat the A and get into the EX if you want. That’s basically the point of Musynx, but the difficulty increases as you play, especially with harder tracks in six-button mode.

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