Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Ending Explained, The Ending Of Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Explained

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Ending

Ms. Marvel is a new Marvel series aired as the seventh television series in the MCU as a part of phase 4. The series began airing on June 8, 2023. Episode 5 of the mini-series was aired yesterday, July 6, 2023, which contains some of the huge twists and turns. Let’s see what happened in Ms. Marvel Episode 5. The episode included Kamala Khan transporting to the night of partition between India and Pakistan. Scroll down to see the Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Ending Explained. 

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Ending Explained

When the veil was exposed and Najma died in an effort to stop it, the original timeline underwent a significant turn. Even as she gave in to the veil, it appeared that she had transferred capabilities to her son Kamran, who experienced an energy rush and acquired hard light abilities. It was shown that Najma’s skeleton disintegrates on the floor.

A Clandestine entity from the Noor realm, Najma, Kamran’s mother, was revealed to be a villain. She was imprisoned on Earth with other Clandestines, including Aisha, Kamala Khan’s great-grandmother. Najma left Kamran behind to pursue Kamala in Pakistan when the Clandestine escaped the Department of Damage Control’s grasp. Following their altercation, Kamala was sent back in time to 1942.

The Ending Of Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Explained

It was revealed in that timeline that Najma had stabbed Aisha in retaliation for deserting their clan. In the past, just as Najma is ready to pass through the freshly opened veil, Kamala brings up Kamran and causes her to have a change of heart. Najma then closes the veil in a selfless deed to atone for herself and safeguard her son, losing her life in the process. Her body is covered with the veil essence, which changes her into a crystal structure before she decomposes into a skeleton. By the time the veil was shut off, Kamran mystically gained hard light powers after getting hit by an energy beam. Bruno and Kamran are attacked by the drone of the Department of Damage Control towards the end of the episode. The episode ends with the drone crashing inside the building after Kamran attacked the drone by using his powers. The drone crashed and exploded with Bruno and Kamran still inside the building. 

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The finale episode of Ms. Marvel will stream on July 13, 2023 on Disney Plus.

Ms. Marvel (TV series)

Ms. Marvel is an American-based television miniseries. It is based on the character of  Marvel Comics, Kamala Khan who is also known as Ms. Marvel. The series was developed by Bisha K. Ali for the Disney+ streaming service. It is the seventh television series in Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and it follows the events of the films in the franchise. Ali is the main writer, and Adil and Bilall are the directors. The series’s first episode aired on June 8, 2023.  

Ms. Marvel Cast

The following table shows the cast members of Ms. Marvel;

S.No Cast Role

Iman Vellani Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel

Matt Lintz Bruno Carrelli

Yasmeen Fletcher Nakia Bahadir

Zenobia Shroff Muneeba Khan

Mohan Kapur Yusuf Khan

Saagar Shaikh Aamir Khan

Laurel Marsden Zoe Zimmer

Azhar Usman Najaf

Rish Shah Kamran

Arian Moayed P. Cleary

Arian Moayed Sadie Deever

Laith Nakli Sheikh Abdullah

Nimra Bucha Najma

Travina Springer Tyesha Hillman

Ms. Marvel Crew

The following table shows the crew members of Ms. Marvel;

S.No Role  Crew 

Creator Bisha K. Ali

Cinematography  Robrecht Heyvaert

Carmen Cabana

Jules O’Loughlin


Editor  Nona Khodai

Sabrina Plisco

Emma McCleave

Sushila Love


Music  Laura Karpman

Producer  Marvel Studios

Distributor  Disney Platform Distribution
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  • Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Ending Explained,

  • Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Ending ,

  • The Ending Of Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Explained

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