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Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa was born in 1971 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her name Mozeza Ahmedabad Mirza Ghalib (meaning “aged woman”) was chosen to play the lead role of Mozeza Ashraf in the popular film called Om Shanti Om. She went on to play the lead role in the successful movie called Brides. Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa later went on to star in the TV drama called Zindagi.

Birth name

Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa

Born 5 October , 1987 in Dhaka
Residence New York, USA
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Dhaka University
Occupation Model and actress
Husband Faiyaz Sharif (divorced)
Known for Sikandar Box
Years active


Weight 51 KG

Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is of Bengali descent. She is an accomplished actress and singer in Bangladesh and also has a degree from the University of Texas. Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa was a very famous singer and actress throughout much of her childhood and young adulthood, and she went on to become one of the best-known and best-selling singers of Bangladesh. Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa was a favorite in the Bangladesh film industry, but she was sidelined in favor of Neeta Kapoor in the Hindi film Brides.

Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa went to the United States to study at Dartmouth College where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. After graduation, Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa made two movies, titled Mozeza Ashraf Al Hindi, and Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa Televise. However, her acting career didn’t end there. Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa has appeared in at least ten more films, most notably an award-winning role as a young Indian girl in an award-winning film called Brides. Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa was married to Abubaker Emad Hurairah, who is the brother of the late Bangladesh leader, Benazir Bhutto. The two remain close friends and remain involved in their business interests, although they disagree on various issues.

Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa resides in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is considered to be a full member of the Bangla link full name. Her real name is Mozeza Ashraf Chowdhry. Although not well-known outside of Bangladesh, Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa’s films have won some major awards, including an Oscar for Mozeza Ashraf Televise. She is also the recipient of numerous honors and achievements, including the Satellite Awards of the International Academy of Film Sciences. Her other credits include appearances on several television shows and a feature documentary.

As a member of the Bangla link family, Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa has an excellent reputation among both local and foreign viewers. Her acting abilities have been recognized locally and internationally, and she is well-known within the Bengali community and beyond. The people of Bangladesh are extremely respectful of their actresses and respected Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa as a great talent. In fact, many artists have dedicated parts of their songs to Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa and her contribution to the Bangla link full name.

Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa has established a name for herself as one of the best actresses in the Bangla culture, and she hopes to continue to work hard and make movies and films that will entertain and educate millions of people of all ages in the coming years. She is currently in pre-production on a movie that will be directed by Farah Khan. You can follow Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa on her official Facebook page or on her personal Twitter account. More information can also be found at the official website of Mozeza Ashraf Monalisa.

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