Marvel Spider-Man alpha v1.15 APK Download for Android

Marvel Spider-Man APK was an exclusive game on consoles, but now some fan who loves this game has brought this game to mobile. The game is pretty simple but very fun and addictive.

Introduce about Marvel Spider-Man

Experience being Spider-Man in the 3D open world!

The original Marvel Spider-Man on console is one of the lighthearted, playful, Spider-Man-themed entertainment games that many people love. The spiderman in the game is not like in the movie, he has enough experience as an adult hero. The mechanism of swinging rope is as attractive as stepping out of the movies. There’s also the space to live life as Peter Parker, meaning you’re both a hero and a human and relive the character’s unsettling feeling in the movies as you straddle the line between your secret life and ordinary life.

With the idea of ​​​​bringing an interesting experience from Marvel Spider-Man to Android users, some game fans have brought a basic mission of this game to the Android platform.

Although not the original owner and just a fan-made game product from the original console to Android, Marvel Spider-Man still retains the original great sense of fun.


RUSERGAMES’ Marvel Spider-Man is an open-world game. The gameplay is quite simple: you play the role of Spider-Man, and there are a variety of different suits, which can be freely used to perform the tasks given by the game. The task here is simply to chase the cars of criminals on the road and use your spider web skills to make them stop. Each time this is done, the mission is considered a success.

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Marvel Spider Man APK download 1440x720

When playing Marvel Spider-Man in addition to being a hero to protect the city from evil, you will also relive the torment of this Marvel hero, as you have felt through the movies. You will have to learn the balance between private life and heroic ideals, between the dramatic action of protecting the people’s safety and learning to adapt to this secret way of life that nobody finds out.

Marvel Spider-Man is therefore not just a mere action chase game, but a narrative game, in a very personal way. In the role of Spider-Man, you can freely roam the city, take on any task and chase the given target.

In the third perspective, the whole city appears, large and completely open, allowing Spider-Man-you can swing freely from building to building, darting from street to street, road the other road. The focus of Marvel Spider-Man is training to master Spider-Man’s ability to move and fight.

Freedom to experience like a real Spider-Man

You can do everything like spiderman in Marvel Spider-Man. Press the button to throw the spider thread that swings around the city, throw the net as a fulcrum to run fast on the road, use the spider net to prevent criminal cars from running on the road, and stop them to perform the task. Although there is no diverse mission system like the original game on console, Marvel Spider-Man on Android has also brought a lot of excitement to players with the main task of Car Chase.

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The game has more than 20 Spider-Man suits. Each suit gives Spider-Man a different appearance. Some are bright and lovely (like the original), some are flaming with personality, and others look very dark.

Marvel Spider Man on APKMODY 1440x691

Marvel Spider-Man is brought to Android quite detailed, with enough interior maps for every building. You can freely move and explore not only on the street, on the walls but also inside the buildings. There is no limit to Spider-Man’s moves. You can go anywhere you want on the map. The more proficient the move, the faster the ability to explore the city, track down criminals, and prevent cars.

When playing, to optimize the game’s graphics, you can also choose Low Poly for the full experience even when using a phone that is not too high-end.

Download Marvel Spider-Man APK for Android

Marvel Spider-Man, is a quality fan-game to expand its influence and give Android users the exciting experiences that are just available on consoles. The game looks easy but it’s not easy to play. But when you are well acquainted with the operations, walking and performing tasks in the city becomes extremely interesting and exciting.

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