Luciana Barroso Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki [Updated 2022]

Luciana Barroso- Biography

Luciana Barroso is a former air hostess and the wife of Hollywood actor Matt Damon. She has managed to stay out of the spotlight while being married to one of Hollywood’s most well-known stars. She is also credited for keeping her celebrity spouse’s celebrity husband away from the press, allowing her family to live peacefully.

What is the Net Worth of Luciana Barroso? Salary, Earnings

Luciana Barroso’s net worth is $5 million as a result of her profession and previous hard work. She and her family have a wonderful life. Her husband’s net worth is estimated to be over $160 million.

Luciana Barroso- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Luciana Barroso was born on July 31, 1976, in Salta, Argentina. Her father was an insurance salesman, while her mother was a housekeeper. When her parents split shortly after she was born, she was raised by her grandmother. Luciana’s grandparents were immigrants from Italy. They settled in Argentina, though, since they believed they could have a better life there. Luciana was an avid supporter of the arts and literature. When she was in school, Luciana aspired to be an artist. She went on to work as an air hostess after earning a bachelor’s degree in arts from a local college.

Quick Facts

Real Name Luciana Bozan
Birth Date 31 July 1976
Age (as of 2022) 45 Years
Birth Place Salta, Argentina
Nationality Argentine
Profession Businesswoman
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Leo

Luciana Barroso- Professional Career

Luciana Barroso has worked as an air hostess in the past. She worked as a bartender at Crowbar in Miami before meeting Matt. Despite the fact that there isn’t much information regarding her career available. Luciana is a stay-at-home mum who looks after her children while also aiding Matt with his job. Luciana Barroso rose to notoriety after marrying Hollywood actor Matt Damon. She’s always managed to keep a low profile. She is well-known in the media and has appeared with Matt at a number of film premieres and events.

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Luciana Barroso- Relationship, Married Life

Luciana’s first spouse was Arbello Barroso. Their daughter, Alexia, was born in 1999. Luciana and Arbello divorced in the year 2004. The divorce was cordial, and Arbello maintains strong relationships with both Luciana and her current husband, Matt. After divorcing her first spouse, Luciana traveled to Miami. Her daughter, Alexia, was just four years old at the time. Luciana accepted a position as a bartender in a tiny establishment. In April 2003, actor Matt Damon was in Miami filming his film “Stuck on You.”

Matt and the other crew members went to the pub where Luciana was working for a couple of beers while they were still working on the film. He met Luciana in a pub and they instantly knew they had magical energy, which led to a wonderful relationship. Luciana and Matt were married on December 9, 2005, after they became engaged in September 2005. Because the couple didn’t want to bring too much attention to themselves, their wedding was kept low-key. They exchanged rings in a private but beautiful civil ceremony at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.

The couple welcomed their first child, Isabella Damon, into the world in 2006. Their second child, Gia Zavala, was born two years later. Stella, the couple’s third child, was born in 2010. Matt formally adopted Alexia, Luciana’s 16-year-old daughter. Matt and Luciana are the parents of four beautiful daughters. Alexia is gearing up for her big-screen debut. Luciana has always kept a quiet profile in public. The paparazzi rarely follow her family. Matt is grateful to Luciana for supporting him in returning to normal and simple life following their wedding. Matt and Luciana are only photographed when they attend movie premieres and social parties together.

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There were several reports about Luciana and Matt’s divorce in 2017. It was because of a disagreement involving Matt’s friend, Ben Affleck. They were also seen outside a therapist’s office, which fueled the speculation. It was then discovered that Matt’s sessions with the therapists were to help him cope with his father’s illness.


  • She is Kent Damon’s and Nancy Carlsson-daughter-in-law. Paige’s
  • She and Matt got married at New York’s City Hall.

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