Love Sick 1.96.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamonds/Keys) Download

Are you a love-thirsty looking for love or just a normal person who wants to experience sweet flirting on a dramatic romantic date night? Either one you want, you will need to play this game, Love Sick MOD APK, because it is so true to what you are looking for.

Introduce about Love Sick

Who would you be if you bumped into a romance?

What does Love Sick bring to you?

Love Sick is a romantic interactive story game in which you are a female protagonist. Love Sick will take you through each story with different characters. So that in the end, what you get is a romance.  Quick or long, deceitful or sincere, it depends on your choices and decisions.

If you are a lover of love novels, I am sure Love Sick can make you truly sick because of the brilliant flirting of both the girl and boy in the game. It can revive all your fantasies and memories of the most romantic love vividly like never before. Unlike when you just read and watch such romance in novels or movies, now you really are the main character in the story.

And if you have never paid much attention to the genre of romance novels or gentle romantic movies, the Love Sick experience can make the fire of love burn in you. Believe me! Sentimental sayings and passionate situations will melt any cold heart.

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The game is also a perfect combination of story, interactivity through choices in dialogue, and modern fashion style. Each girl has her own face, personality, identity, job, and background. Before each meeting, you will show off your skills in coordinating and choosing costumes for your character, so that she will be the most gorgeous and sexy.

In Love Sick, you can also practice flirting skills with words, gestures, eyes, and actions. No one is naturally sexy, it all comes down to practice and skill accumulation. It’s true with you too. Maybe playing this Love Sick game can not only make you more comfortable when chatting with the opposite sex, but also give you more accurate and flexible “love” signal recognition, and smooth responses. Anything with experience is better, isn’t it?

You will be the protagonist of a series of instinctive dating stories 

Love Sick is constantly updating new stories to bring everyone new dating experiences. I can only talk about some of the stories that have passed, I believe everyone can get goosebumps because of the romance of the game. Let’s see!

Vampire Ball

In one of the most prestigious universities in the world, people and vampires from the highest classes will study together. And every 20 years, Vampires appear. This character is the one who always makes the girls all over the school admire and curious to know more about. But only one person, with predestined fate, becomes the sexy silhouette of a woman of the handsome Vampire in the legend. All the jealousy and envy begin to surround you and at the same time. Deep in you, there will be inner torments where you don’t know whether this thrilling love story should actually begin?

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Princess Liana

The story is about a royal family. Years ago, they were all murdered by an evil witch. At the moment the last life disappeared, time officially stopped flowing across the kingdom. But luck still smiled on this land when a single princess was still alive and spending her beautiful days in a reclusive life in the peaceful countryside. That princess is you.

When you suddenly discover your identity and painful memories, it is the time when you receive love from two young men, a gentle farmer, and a charming neighboring prince. Who is really worthy of your trust and love? How is the story behind the royal secret in the past related to these two people?

Pretty Spy

In this story, you will play the role of a beautiful, sexy female secret agent, whose heart is still bleeding because her lover left her for a very classic reason: the third person. Your task this time is to seduce the famous female billionaire’s fiancée to see if he is really sincere and loves the female billionaire for her own or just for money, fame, or a worse purpose. But unfortunately, you really fall in love with this charming fiancé.

Where will things go? Is the guy really a good guy or a bad guy? Is there a reason behind that impending marriage? And how will you decide, choose work or love, choose to return to the way it was, or accept to give up everything to follow love?

And many more fascinating stories like this are waiting for you in Love Sick.

Download Love Sick MOD APK for Android

My friends! Let’s honestly say “Yes” to all your most instinctive needs. And Love Sick will give you the opportunity to achieve what you want. Play and blush for unexpected romance in this dating game!

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