Learn What Happened Due to the “Inept” LA Police

Los Angeles: YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren was swatted live on stream on Sunday, August 28, while he was hosting a live chess tournament. Ludwig becomes the latest streaming star to fall victim to the controversial and illegal prank troubling several celebs. Read on to know more.

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Ludwig Ahgren was hosting a chess tournament and went upstairs to drink some water when he came across four police officers holding guns. The stream has been taken down. However, a clip of the incident is making rounds on the web revealing the shocking incident as police take over his home.

The widely popular YouTuber explained the whole incident in a follow-up stream. He confirmed that he is fine and nobody was harmed. He also hit out at the “inept” LA Police.

Here is a 26-second clip showing the swatting incident at Ludwig’s home when he was streaming:

Ludwig Explains the Swatting Incident in a Follow-up Stream

Ludwig hosted a follow-up Livestream on YouTube to explain the swatting incident later. He said the following while explaining the troublesome events:

“If you missed the end of the last stream or not on, then you might not know that the stream ended abruptly. As I went upstairs to refill my water in between a chess tournament I was running, I was met with the gun of a police officer, which was weird because my front door was not meant to be opened for police officers.”

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He further stated that he had to spend an hour in a police car while authorities searched his residence.

“So, I spent about, you know, an hour away in a police car as they went through my house, and then the clips, I think, I mean, they’ve mostly been a bit hushed down. I think Tim did a good job locking it down, but I think I was still live when the police were walking through. You guys probably saw that. You probably saw the police walking through the house because they sweep every single room when they do a swatting,” the YouTuber said.

Ludwig Confirmed that he was fine and hit out at “Inept” LA Police

On the follow-up stream, Ludwig confirmed that he was pretty fine but was feeling a bit annoyed.

“As you can see, I’m not too shaken up, you know. Maybe a little bit. Maybe a little bit of adrenalin. Generally, I’m pretty fine. The initial part is kind of scary, but then, it’s quickly overwhelmed with an annoying feeling. A sense of annoyance. I’m just annoyed,” he said.

The Los Angeles-based YouTuber also hit out at the “inept” LA Police as they take the incident very seriously at first but then forget about it.

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“I do have to quickly talk about the ineptitude of the police departments in Los Angeles,” said.

“I’ve been swatted a few times, this is generally how it goes: They take it very seriously at first. Eight squad cars, two firetrucks, one helicopter going around, because there’s some made-up story” from the viewer that called it in

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“Every time it’s happened to me before, they say ‘hey, give us a phone number and we’ll call you when it happens again.’ Because of that, I always have my phone on me when I stream. I’m prepared for a phone call. The problem is, they’ve never called. Every time they come, I get a little more annoyed,” he added.

Ludwig had Kind Words for the Person who Swatted him

The YouTube star said the following to the viewer who swatted him live on stream

“So, to the motherf***ker who swatted me, who’s watching this, who wasted about 55 minutes of my day, congratulations! You did it! 55 minutes of my day, down the drain. Here’s a thing about you though, you got 55 years ahead of you that you are poised to waste! 55 years that you are set up to just blow through, doing absolutely nothing with your life.”

After blowing out his frustration, Ludwig decided to empathize with the swatter and said some very encouraging words:

“And I, hey, hope you have a great Sunday. Recommendation, me to you, spin it around! You got a lot of years! All right? You spend 60, 70, or 80 years on this Earth, on average. That’s about it! You might as well, while you’re here, do something effective with your time. Make an imprint. Be a positive impact. Change the lives of those around you.”

Along with this, he also confirmed that he had swatted a few times before, and it’s very annoying.

What is Swatting?

The term “Swatting” refers to a prank where someone makes a hoax call to emergency services such as 911 and lies that someone, typically a streamer, is in trouble and requires urgent help. The basic premise is to report some kind of crime like murder, bomb threats, hostage situations, etc.

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Following this, the police with the team of first responders reach the reported area and start searching. The streamers are often targeted with this illegal prank as the viewers can watch everything live on stream.

Swatting is Illegal & Highly Risky: One Man got killed due to it in 2017

Swatting is an illegal prank and a highly risky act. In 2017, a man named Andrew Finch was tragically killed due to swatting despite not being the intended victim. The fraudulent call was made over a dispute over a $1.50 Call of Duty bet.

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The caller told the police that a man at Finch’s house had murdered someone and was holding others at gunpoint. When Finch was leaving the home, the police fatally shot him. The person behind the swatting prank, Tyler Barris, was sent to federal prison for 20 years.

Prominent streamers like Summit1G and n0thing have previously been a victim of Swatting. Many have called for the act to be put into the same category as terrorism due to it being used to intimate and create the risk of injury or death.

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