Kamaru Usman raises a hypothetical situation to Jake Paul

UFC P4P king Kamaru Usman raises a hypothetical situation to Jake Paul as a food for thought, over the latest boxing vs MMA row

UFC welterweight champion and P4P best fighter Kamaru Usman has reinstated that his desire to fight Canelo Alvarez isn’t solely driven by a big payday, but also the prospect of an exciting challenge at this point of his career. Canelo has dismissed the prospect of that idea on several occasions.

Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal could take place soon
Kamaru Usman in action against Colby Covington (Getty)

The war of words between Canelo and Usman continue to escalate as both fighters started to make claims and set stakes when they eventually end up fighting. There were no signs of the situation diffusing as Usman replied by saying that he was willing to fight the boxer inside the ring or in the cage.

He said,’ In the cage or the ring I’m willing find out in both… Are you? ’

Usman raised the longest standing debate between MMA fighters and boxers, that although MMA fighters are willing to step up inside the ring, the latter hasn’t shown any interest in doing otherwise. He even reinstated that boxing is dying because the best don’t end up fighting the best.

Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul mocked Usman’s claim stating that while the Nigerian believes that boxing is a dying art form, he’s still chasing the Canelo fight for a big day. He said, ‘

Kamaru Usman: “boxing is dying”

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Also Kamaru Usman: “pls Canelo fight me for a payday”

Usman replied to this on Twitter by raising a hypothetical situation, that will sure have the ‘Problem Child’ thinking. He said,

You’re really good at this internet tough guy shit I give you that. 2 questions for you…

  1. You & Me locked in a room who makes it out alive?
  2. Saul & I locked in a room who makes it out alive?
    I like your energy though 😉

Jake Paul unleashed profanity-laced invective on Jorge Masvidal, Michael Bisping and Dana White

Youtuber turned boxer, Jake Paul was busy these days promoting the biggest women’s boxing fight in history alongside Eddie Hearn. Jake, who’s 5-0 as a boxer has been calling out several MMA superstars including the likes of Nate Diaz and Conor Mcgregor, but has turned his attention towards former middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

The Problem Child spoke to the media about this week’s fight and dished out an attack that would definitely shackle the UFC top brass.

“I also think it’s a silly callout,” Paul said of Bisping at a media event on Wednesday (h/t The Mac Life). “That’s an easy fight for me. That’s a one-round fight. He’s an old guy, but here’s the thing about me: If someone talks sht, I have to fck them up. I have a fcking problem in my head. If someone talks sht, let’s fcking settle it in the ring. Let’s see if you’re really about that or if you’re just talking on Twitter. So these guys who think they’re so tough, these ‘UFC champions’ who think they’re so tough, I’ll beat the fck out of all of them.

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“And I’ve got time. I’ve got time to do it. I’m young. So any of them can get it. As fast as we get these deals done, I’m knocking them all out. Bisping wants to talk sht? Cool, let’s get in the ring, motherfcker, you pssy. If anyone wants to talk sht, get in the fcking ring, you pssy. Masvidal, you pssy. All these guys are all talk. They’re cap, and their dad, Dana, fcking owns them. They’re a bunch of fcking pssies that hide behind the f*cking contract.”

He concluded by saying this to Mac Life “To be honest, I don’t care about the criticisms. To me, it’s if you’re a man who is around my weight and you want to talk sht and you can fight, then let’s get in the ring and settle it because I’m sick and tired of these UFC champions or these guys who think that they’re tough. It started with Ben Askren, then Tyron Woodley. I’ve proven I can beat these guys up and to me, it’s easy. So if they’re gonna talk sht on Twitter, let’s settle it in the ring. Let’s see if you can back up that sh*t talk. Let’s see how tough these boys really are.”

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