Jorge Masvidal hits out at Joe Biden as gas prices and inflation surge

Jorge Masvidal sends out a message to Joe Biden run USA government to understand

Fuel prices in USA have hit an all-time high amidst serious cases of inflation. With prices at record highs, the spine of the common man is feeling the wrath of the pump immediately. The rising cost of fuel, especially diesel, means that anything transported on a truck, train or ship is affected.

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal (Credits: The Mac Life)

The surge in gasoline prices is owing to the jump in oil prices. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also acted as a catalyst to push crude higher, but prices were already on the move ahead of the war.

Even before the pandemic, energy producers cut back on investment and economies have since reopened, and manufacturing has revived, which has led to a surge in demand and an increasingly tight oil market.

Jorge Masvidal, who’s been an open supporter of the Republican Party run by Donald Trump has lashed out at the government, and raised some questions. The ‘Gamebred’ has followed Trump on several election campaigns previously. He reacted to the ongoing issue by saying, ‘High gas, high inflation, high taxes. Someone tell Joe this isn’t what we meant by “Let’s get high”

‘What a fake narrative’- Jorge Masvidal hits back at Michel Pereira after the latter alleged he slid into his wife’s DMs

Michel Pereira entertained everyone with his excellent showing against Santiago Ponzinibbio at UFC Vegas 55 in what was an absolute ‘barn-burner’. Famous for his eccentric ways, and unconventional fighting style, Pereira was on top of the world following this victory against an up and comer in the division.

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Riding on this elated feeling of perfect contentment, Pereira used the platform during a post-fight media interview to callout several UFC superstars, including Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. To everyone’s bewilderment, Pereira dished out that one of UFC’s biggest superstars, and the BMF champion Jorge Masvidal slid into his wife’s DM. He stated that he wants to get things straight with the Miami native, and settle things inside the octagon.

“So he sent an emoji to my wife – the emoji with the two hands together like (praying),” Pereira explained. “He sent it to my wife and didn’t send it to me. And you know, I never actually crossed paths with him, never had the chance to ask him. So I figured, you know, I really want to understand, but might as well understand inside the octagon. So we’ll just settle it over there.”

Jorge Masvidal reacted to the allegation and deemed it as superficial and fake. He shared a screenshot of the original conversation which clearly shows that he was only responding to Pereira’s wife’s message.

He claimed that fighters would go to any extent to have a crack at the ‘BMF’ champion, and deemed Pereira’s action as distasteful and built around a fake narrative.

‘How crazy a world and how far has society fallen that this idiot @UfcPereira would use his wife to hopefully 1 day get a paycheck and create a fake narrative to try and get a fight with me when clearly he sees she slid in my dm? Wishing you guys the best #marriagecounselor’

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