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Jacob Bergquist- Biography

Jacob Bergquist was identified as the suspect in the mall shooting that killed two people and injured five others. Although the motive for this heinous act is unknown, Boise police officials are still investigating the matter.

Jacob Bergquist- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Jacob was 27 years old when he died and lived in Boise, Idaho. There are no details available about his family members or relatives, or even his occupation because the Boise police chief stated that he never worked at the mall or as an employee, but he was known for his trespassing behavior with the security guard on several occasions. Police officers discovered Jacob’s home and are currently searching it with a search warrant to determine his probable motive and anything else that could help solve this case.

Quick Facts

Real Name Jacob Bergquist
Birth Date 1994
Death October 26, 2021
Place of Death Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, Boise, Idaho
Age (as of 2021) 27 Years
Residence Boise, Idaho, USA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity

Shooting at the Boise Towne Square Mall

The police department began receiving calls about the shooting. The caller described a white male adult dressed in black who was armed and fired multiple shots inside the building. The suspect was also summoned by the building’s security officer on the first floor. However, the suspect later shot and killed the security guard on the scene. The suspect fired multiple rounds inside the building, shattering the glass escalator, and the second victim, who was severely injured, was taken to the hospital. The suspect continued through the mall, firing multiple rounds of ammunition while lying on the floor, injuring two females. An additional male was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle and was among those who were injured and fell in the mall.

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The scenario in which the security guard and the Boise police confronted the suspect has been described by the police. Boise Towne Square is a popular shopping center in the city. The suspect and the police engaged in a gun battle. One of the victims of the shooting was identified as Jo Acker, who worked as a security guard and was hailed as a hero. Roberto Padilla Arguelles was identified as the other deceased victim. This was the most tragic scenario that has ever occurred in the city with the increase in population for the crimes, and it is very sad. One of the women who witnessed the incident wrote on Facebook that she was brought here and was roaming the mall with her children last night, but this was the most horrifying thing that happened to her.

Photograph by Jacob Bergquist

There is no photo of Jacob Bergquist, but there is Jacob Bergquist who has mentioned Boise police and who has posted videos on YouTube exploring the shooting guns and who has written about the guns online. It is suspected that he is the same person as the shooter at the Boise mall. This has to be confirmed. However, the suspect died today at a local hospital, according to Boise police. The police chief stated that they are looking into social media evidence and trying to find “motivation,” which could lead to the conclusion that Jacob Bergquist was the shooter.

They are also investigating what caused the shooter to open fire in the mall. For the time being, it must be determined or investigated whether the weapon possessed by Jacob Bergquist was self-inflicted or legally prepared. Lauren McLean, the mayor, called it a terrible day and said two people had died in our community. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families of Jo Acker and Roberto Padilla Arguelles, who were killed in the incident.

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Police statement

The evidence has been collected from the Fry Street location, according to the chief, and is being under-processed. He confirmed that police are looking into the incident and are speaking with the social media suspects who made prior threats. The community is now safe, according to the chief. The police are investigating the rumors of a conspiracy. On Monday at 1:50 p.m., police received a call stating that multiple guns had been shot in the mall, with early reports stating that at least one person had been killed. There was also gunfire exchanged, which resulted in the injuries of both the suspect and an officer. The shooting that occurred inside and outside the Boise Towne Square Mall on the afternoon of October 26, 2021, is still being investigated.

The suspect’s and officers’ exchange of gunfire will be investigated separately. The police have also confirmed that three more people were killed in the shooting. Two of them have been identified as a female 52 years old and a female 23 years old. They were both severely injured inside the mall and are still in the hospital. A third victim, a 68-year-old female, was shot and injured while inside her car. She, too, has suffered life-threatening injuries. One of the women stated that she locked the storeroom where she heard the shooting and decided to remain in the room until the police arrived to evacuate people from the mall.

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