Is The Division Resurgence Open World? Answered


A New York City ripe for exploration on mobile.

For players who have been fighting the good fight in both The Division and The Division 2, Ubisoft will soon bring the action shooter RPG experience to mobile devices with the upcoming The Division Resurgence. However, a mobile version of the game does bring up some questions, including whether The Division Resurgence will feature an open world. For those curious, read on for the answer.

Is The Division Resurgence Open World?

In short, the answer is yes, The Division Resurgence will feature an open world, but more specifically, it will be an urban playground in New York City. That makes perfect sense as well, as the game is meant to flesh out events happening in the mainline games, which began with the first wave in the Big Apple.

Within the confines of the city, a new gameplay walkthrough has revealed that players can get up to story missions involving PvE, check out world activities, and engage in PvP play in the Dark Zone. The game’s other mechanics, like the cover system, the various skills and gadgets, and weapon customization, will also be part of this mobile spinoff.

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As of now, there is still no release date set for The Division Resurgence. However, interested players can sign up for the closed alpha if you want to check things out ahead of time on both iOS and Android.

There you go, the question of whether The Division Resurgence is open world answered. Be sure to check out our review for The Division 2 to prepare yourself for what’s to come. For everything else, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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