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can Temtem cross platform?

Is Temtem cross-platform at launch? MMORPGs are fun, but they are more fun when you can engage across several platforms. It also gives you a better chance of playing with someone you might actually know. So we do have some good news for you fans, but you need to read on to get to the good stuff. The game can best be described as a Pokémon clone, but don’t mistakenly write it off.

There is a good deal of complexity behind the game once you get going. Think a Gacha game with RPG elements and deck building. Plus it’s humble bundle, so you can’t go wrong. Though it may appear familiar at first glance, the game is quite fun in it’s own right. But the main question a lot of people who are getting into Temtem are asking is…..

Is Temtem Cross Platform?

Yes, Temtem is cross-platform. The game is available on the PC, Xbox platforms, Playstations 5, and also Nintendo Switch.

On top of that, it’s also cross-progression, which is fantastic. So not only can you play across all platforms, but you can progress across all of them, too. And all that and a decent storyline, too, so give Temtem a shot.

It might just surprise you like it did us.

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