Is Tamara Lich Still In Jail? Who Is Tamara Lich? Tamara Lich Jail Release Date

Who Is Tamara Lich?

Tamara Lich is an activist from Canada who was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She worked as a base administrator for the Medicine Hat STEP Energy Services. She was a fitness instructor and a musician in the Alberta based band Blind Monday. Tamara Lich advocates against legislation that does not take regional differences into consideration. When she was a member of the Maverick party, she advocated for the unified voice of the people in western parts of Canada. 

Is Tamara Lich Still In Jail?

Tamara Lich is a Canadian based activist who is one of the known advisors of the Yellow Vest protests in 2018 and 2019. She also organised the Canada convoy protest in Ottawa in 2024. She was arrested on 17 February 2024 and she was denied bail. She was denied bail recently as well and she will remain in custody after a justice of the peace ruled that she breached a condition of her original release. She is still in jail. 

Tamara Lich Jail

Tamara Lich is facing multiple charges of mischief and obstructing police. She was also a part of the massive protest that locked down Ottawa for more than three weeks in winter. Tamara Lich is now facing the additional charge of breaching conditions for bail after she sat with fellow leader Tom Marazzo at an awards gala in Toronto. She was not allowed to contact anyone from the protest unless her lawyer was present. 

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Tamara Lich Jail Release Date

Tamara Lich was arrested in February 2024 and she was accused of counselling to commit mischief. Her application for bail was rejected in February 2024. Her defence lawyer, Diane Megas expressed concern at the neutrality of the judge because she ran for a federal party seat in 2011. She was released on bail in March but she was later arrested again for violating the conditions of the agreement. 

Tamara Lich Husband

Tamara Lich is married to Dwayne Lich who is also an activist for the same cause as Tamara Lich. He testified at her bail hearing but there was no decision made. The crown is arguing that she has already violated the terms of her bail once. Tamara Lich has publicly claimed that she is of Metis Heritage. She is a mother and a grandmother, her daughter was born premature. 

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