Is RuneScape Down? How To Check OSRS Server Status


While Runescape servers going down is never fun, here’s how to check them.

The fact that even a legacy MMO such as Runescape going down should be proof enough that no one is immune to server outages. However, that certainly doesn’t make them any less annoying. We’re here to help you through how to check the OSRS server status to see if RuneScape is down.

How to Check RuneScape Server Status

While many things could contribute to a total server outage in RuneScape, there are ways to be sure that is indeed the problem.

The first step to determining if the servers are currently experiencing problems is to visit Down Detector. This site gathers reports from players all over, so what you see is real people having issues as proof there is an issue. While this won’t give you any update on a fix, it does at least show that the problem is widespread to some degree.

Your second destination should be the Runescape Service Update Archive. This site will tell you if maintenance is currently running on the game.

If that doesn’t have anything to help you, the official Twitter accounts for both Runescape and Old School RuneScape should be the place you check next.

Is RuneScape Down?

According to Down Detector, people have been reporting issues throughout the day. It was a relatively low number until a peak of 116 reports almost an hour ago. While that seemed to drop, there were 15 reports about 20 minutes ago. It appears that the problem might still be unresolved.

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There hasn’t been an official word on if RuneScape is currently facing any significant issues, but we will be sure to update you when more is known.

For now, that is everything you need to know about how to check the OSRS server status to see if RuneScape is down. Be sure to look over the links below for any other RuneScape news or information you could want.

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