Is Ollie Bean Still Alive? What Happened To Oliver Bean?

Is Ollie Bean Still Alive?

On Thursday, the Oregon State Police made an arrest in relation to a murder that took place nearly 22 years ago in another state. A Michigan grand jury had earlier that day issued a murder warrant identifying Clarence Oliver Bean, 56, who was then detained by state police investigators at his home in Mayville, a tiny town about 70 miles northwest of Madras. Whether or not Oliver Bean is still alive is not yet revealed. Since there are no reports about Oliver Bean’s death. It is not known if he is alive or not. So we may assume that he may be alive. But who is he? what happened to him? We will cover everything you need know in this article.

Who Is Oliver Bean?

On a Wednesday, the Lake County Trial Court convicted Clarence Oliver Bean Jr. guilty of second-degree murder. His sisters remembered him as a joyful, loving, and compassionate person.

Bean, a married guy, confessed that Chorba was his mistress to Michigan investigators. He claimed that she went by a different name and was a passenger on a plane that went down at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in a fiery explosion, killing 273 people. On May 25, 1979, an American Airlines Flight 191 lost its left engine during takeoff after a link pin connecting the left engine to the wing snapped, lowering the engine onto the runway.

Less than two miles from the airport, Flight 191 crashed, killing everyone on board as well as two individuals on the ground. There was a lot of media speculation that some dead might never be identified because the plane was completely destroyed. After a lengthy examination by the Michigan State Police, it was determined that Chorba was not a passenger on the flight because her remains were not found in the debris.

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According to Lt. Greg Hastings of the Oregon State Police, Bean went to Oregon in January 1980 and was approached and interrogated at the Michigan State Police’s request.

“We were always aware of where (Bean) was,” Hastings said. “The pace of the investigation really picked up on the Michigan end in the early 1990s.”

Hastings refused to go into further detail about what those advances were or when Bean will be brought to Michigan. According to the Michigan State Police, the two state police agencies’ joint efforts were essential to the investigation’s successful conclusion.

“The Oregon law enforcement agencies have provided invaluable assistance over the years in the investigation of this case,” said Detective Sgt. George Pratt of the Michigan State Police.


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What Happaned To Oliver Bean?

Prosecutor Mark Blumer of the criminal section of the Michigan Attorney General’s office opened the closing arguments on Wednesday morning. Blumer told the jurors, “You don’t simply disappear off the face of the earth.” It’s pretty difficult to do. In his remarks, Blumer touched on a number of issues indicating that Diane Chorba, a former resident of Luther, had been murdered, and that Bean could have been the murderer, according to credible evidence. Dr. Robert Kirschner’s claim that Chorba was not on Flight 191, which crashed in Chicago on May 25, 1979, was cited by Blumer as supporting evidence. Since that day, Bean had attributed Chorba’s absence on the crash.

The jury announced its decision at 9:30 p.m. after hearing testimony for two days and deliberating for ten hours. When deciding whether to find Bean guilty, the jury had three possibilities. They had the option of being charged with first-degree premeditated murder, second-degree murder, or not guilty. In Lake County Circuit Court, a jury found the petitioner guilty of second-degree murder after a trial. He received a sentence of thirty to sixty years in jail on October 16, 2001. 

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Who Is Diane Chorba?

The murder of Diane Chorba led to the conviction of the petitioner. On May 24, 1979, Ms. Chorba was last observed in her Luther, Michigan, residence. Charges against the petitioner were brought in 2001 in connection with her absence. Judy Bean, the petitioner’s ex-wife, stated that she married the petitioner in March 1968 and was married to him for 32 years before divorcing him in 2000. Ms. Bean stated that the Petitioner frequently physically assaulted her throughout their marriage. Ms. Bean learned that her husband was having an affair with Ms. Chorba in November 1977. Joshua, Ms. Chorba’s son, who was one at the time, was the petitioner’s child, Ms. Bean was aware of this. In spite of these obstacles, Ms. Bean and Ms. Chorba grew close.

What Happaned To Diane Chorba?

The two women divided parental duties for the kids in the two families. Around 5:00 in the morning on May 24, 1979, the petitioner told Ms. Bean he was going to Ms. Chorba’s house. Ms. Chorba took the petitioner back to his house around three and a half hours later. While the petitioner carried Joshua inside the house so that Ms. Bean could care for him, Ms. Chorba waited in her car. According to Ms. Bean’s testimony, the petitioner came back after a while. He was furious. He told Ms. Bean that he killed Ms. Chorba and that he had returned home to get his chainsaw.

Petitioner took Ms. Bean and Joshua into a very forested location after getting his chain saw. After getting out of the vehicle, the petitioner escorted Ms. Bean to a remote location while he carried the chain saw. Ms. Chorba’s deceased body was found in a hole in the ground where a sizable tree had previously been uprooted. In order for the roots and stump of the uprooted tree to fall back into the dirt depression and on top of Ms. Chorba’s body, the petitioner cut the tree’s trunk. The petitioner told Ms. Bean that he had shot Ms. Chorba because she had threatened to leave and take the kids if he did not divorce Ms. Bean and marry her.

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Ms. Bean supported the Petitioner’s story to the police after Ms. Chorba went missing that she had been a passenger on an American Airlines flight that had crashed in Chicago on May 25, 1979. Up until 1999, Ms. Bean maintained her support for his account. The Beans were residing in Oregon at the time. Two detectives from the Michigan state police traveled to Oregon at the request of Ms. Chorba’s daughter to question Ms. Bean about her disappearance. The detectives heard from Ms. Bean about what happened on May 24, 1979. Ms. Bean said in her testimony that she delayed coming forward because she was afraid of the Petitioner.

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