Is Moriah Elizabeth Pregnant, Check Out Moriah Elizabeth Wedding, Husband, House, Instagram, and More

Who Is Moriah Elizabeth?

All those who are familiar with YouTube will surely have seen at least one of Moriah Elizabeth’s videos, but for those who are fans of this arts and crafts YouTuber, her most recent video that she posted on July 11th, 2024 titled ‘There’s Something I Want to Tell You…’ has been the topic of discussion. Many believe that Moriah Elizabeth revealed her pregnancy in this video and this brought forth an onslaught of questions all along the lines of is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant. But did this video reveal her pregnancy and is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant. This article will shed light on the Moriah Elizabeth pregnancy rumours and answer is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant and give insight into details of Moriah Elizabeth Wedding, Husband, and House.

Is Moriah Elizabeth Pregnant?

The answer to is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant, is NO she is not pregnant. Moriah Elizabeth had recently released a video on her channel titled ‘There’s Something I Want to Tell You…’. The video bore shocking news and many speculated that the news was that Moriah Elizabeth is pregnant which brought forth the question is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant. But the video revealed that Moriah Elizabeth has a child –  a daughter who is 10 months. She had also revealed that she had hidden her pregnancy from her viewers because she was not prepared and by the time she prepped herself for her baby, the baby was already here. She also reveals the baby in the video. It is clear from this that the answer to is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant is No she is not.

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Moriah Elizabeth Daughter


Image Source: YouTube

Moriah Elizabeth Wedding

In the same video where she clarifies the answer to, is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant, she also talks about her wedding that happened almost 8 years ago. She also reveals that she was very young when she married only 19 years old. Most of those who watch Moriah Elizabeth’s videos will know that Moriah Elizabeth husband is Jordan. In fact, Moriah Elizabeth Husband appears in one of her videos titled How to Get a Guy to Like You which was released in 2013.

Moriah Elizabeth Husband

Now that we know the answer to is Moriah Elizabeth pregnant let us find out if details of Moriah Elizabeth husband have been revealed. Nothing much about Moriah Elizabeth Husband is revealed aside from his name which is Jordan and that they were married 8 years ago when she was 19.


Image Source: YouTube

Moriah Elizabeth House

Many of her fans had been looking forward to a Moriah Elizabeth House tour, but she has only given a tour of her art tour which is justified considering that almost all her videos are in and around her art room. Here is a video of Moriah Elizabeth art room.

Moriah Elizabeth Instagram


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