Is Immortality on Game Pass?

Immortality is the latest heavy hitter within the FMV genre coming from the incredible Sam Barlow of Her Story. Find out how to play it here!

Image via Sam Barlow / Half Mermaid

Immortality is the latest title from Sam Barlow, writer and director of the acclaimed FMV mystery game Her Story. With his previous release being back in 2019 with Telling Lies, Immortality has already swept up critics with solid scores and “universal acclaim” upon its immediate release including an illusive 10/10 from Edge who have an infamous reputation of being difficult to impress. Prepare to be mystified by solving the disappearance of an unknown actress by uncovering the secrets behind the productions of the only three movies she has ever appeared in that had never been released.

With all the hype already surrounding it, a certain question begs to be answered – where exactly can you play this promising gem?

Where can you play Immortality?

Immortality can be purchased and played via Steam for a full retail price of £15.49 although it currently sits at a 10% discount as a introductory offer until the 6th of September at £13.94.

If you don’t fancy Steam as your go to platform for the game, then you’re in luck! Immortality is already available to download and play on Xbox PC. You can either buy it at its full price of £16.74 or play it on Game Pass! All you have to do to play it as so without paying for full price is to buy Game Pass, with your first payment being only £1 with the option of automatic payments coming out monthly at £7.99.

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That’s just the plan for PC usage. For the slightly pricier plan to be able to play the game on your PC plus console and mobile devices, it is £10.99 a month.

Happy gaming!

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