Is Harshad Mehta Still Alive? How Did Harshad Mehta Die? Harshad Mehtas Wife, Family, Brother, And More

Who Is Harshad Mehta?

Indian stockbroker Harshad Shantilal Mehta was born on 29 July 1954. Mehta gained notoriety as a market manipulator due to his role in the 1992 Indian securities scandal.  Before his death (by sudden heart attack) at age 47 in 2001, Mehta was only found guilty of four of the 27 criminal counts brought against him. Mehta is accused of engaging in a significant stock manipulation operation financed by worthless bank receipts that his company arranged for “ready forward” bank transactions. Mehta was seen guilty by the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court of India for his involvement in a financial fraud involving the Bombay Stock Exchange that cost $100 billion (US$1.3 billion) 

Is Harshad Mehta Still Alive?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question remains no. This genius stock broker is still not alive. He died in the prison, after he had been sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for acting as a key conspirator in the 1992 Indian securities scam that brought about a stock market crash. He served many years in Jail and breathed his last on 31st December 2001.

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Harshad Mehta Wife

Harshad Mehta’s wife, Jyoti Mehta, is not a recent name to appear online. She is currently extremely well-known online, much like a celebrity. However, her husband, Harshad Mehta, is well known for the wrong things he committed during his lifetime. Since the beginning of Harshad Mehta’s professional career, Jyoti Mehta has been a part of his life. She was with him while he was a stockbroker; they were married when they were just teenagers. She became a housewife or homemaker after being married to Harshad Mehta. But as a result of the 1992 securities fraud, his husband was imprisoned, and Harshad Mehta suddenly passed away while being held by the police for his crime.


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How Did Harshad Mehta Died?

In the nearly 21 years since stock broker Harshad Mehta passed away in prison from a heart attack, his wife Jyoti has said that jail staff failed to provide him with medical care for about four hours. Harshad Mehta received a large following that no one before or after him received, even though he passed very suddenly at the Thane Civil Hospital after experiencing chest trouble. Shortly after the Big Bull’s passing in 2001, all of the cases against him were resolved.

Harshad Mehta Family

Details about his parents are not unknown. His wife’s name is Jyoti Mehta. She now according to the sources, lives in USA, with her son Atur Mehta.By 2023, Atur Mehta should be around 42 years old. He is an investor, businessman, and entrepreneur from India who is headquartered in Mumbai. According to Business Standard’s report, he purchased a sizeable 23 percent stake in Square Deal Filaments, a BSE-listed textile company.

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Harshad Mehta Brother

In his mid-fifties, Harshad’s brother Ashwin Mehta pursued a legal education. He also currently practises in both the Supreme Court and the Mumbai High Court. According to estimates, Ashwin Mehta will have a net worth of $4 million by 2023. He has a great deal of education. He is incredibly intelligent, and according to accounts, he used to handle all of his late brother Harshad Mehta’s belongings. He engaged in a number of legal battles, paid over Rs. 1,700 crores to banks, and cleared his brother’s name. He was appointed Harshad’s counsel. The case against Harshad Mehta was quickly dropped after his passing in 2001.

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