Is Gabbie Hanna Suffering from Bipolar Disorder? TikTok Star Shares an Update on Mental Health

If you are a fan of Gabbie Hanna, then you may have noticed she is posting cryptic videos and posts recently while fans are concerned she is suffering from Bipolar Disorder. Read on to know what happened to the TikTok star Gabbie Hanna and how is her mental health now.

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In the last 12 to 24 hours, Gabbie was seen posting videos where she was seen dancing and claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ. She was also seen uttering some racist phrases which left viewers both disturbed and concerned.

Many fans have taken to social media platforms calling for her mental health to be checked as the influencer is known to have a history of psychological problems.

What did Gabbie Hanna Say that left the Fans Concerned?

Gabbie Hanna, the famed American singer-songwriter who has a massive following on TikTok and YouTube, launched her debut track “Out Loud” in May 2019. Her next EP “Bad Karma” was launched in May 2020.

The influencer recently went on a live stream where she was seen dancing and speaking about Black people. She deemed that they are inherently cooler than white people and also stated that she is a follower of Jesus Christ.

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“Hey, you know why Black people are so much inherently cooler than white people? Because they were raised with Jesus mostly. They were told to respect their momma, keep your faith, so Black women especially, naturally, embody the Holy Spirit,” she said on the Livestream.

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She also claimed that Black mothers are “dependent on God” when it comes to raising their children after “the father leaves.”

Hanna then went on to explain the colonial history of the United States:

“And then white men were like- “uh oh Black people are powerful, that’s scary.” And instead of saying- “hey Black people, hey Native American Indians you guys seem to be very peaceful and happy on your land. We just came here on this boat because we didn’t like our homeland. So now we’re here in yours! It’s ours now baby.”

Hanna then continued her rant about how she was “born near Jesus because she is from Lebanon. Her controversial behavior left the fans worried about her and many were concerned for her mental health.

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Why is Gabbie Hanna behaving like this?

Gabbie Hanna is known to gain traction on the Internet owing to her controversial behavior. This isn’t the first time the TikTok star is behaving like this.

Previously, she garnered backlash from viewers when she publicly shared the traumatic experience of fellow creator, Jessi Smiles, on YouTube without any warning. She had also admitted to stalking a minor after they attempted to expose her.

It’s unknown if Hanna is doing this intentionally this time to be in the spotlight once again or if she is actually going through a bad mental health phase leading to this strange behavior.

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Does Gabbie Hanna have Bipolar Disorder?

Yes, Gabbie Hanna has a previous history of Bipolar Disorder. She is known to discuss a range of mental health issues and the difficulties that arise from them in her past videos and live streams.

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Hanna also works to spread awareness about the illness as she is also a survivor. On March 16, 2024, Hanna posted a video on TikTok claiming that she had some extremely special days.

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On those days, one moment she thinks she could save the world while she starts thinking about committing suicide on the other. The caption of the video confirmed that Gabbie Hanna is a patient with Bipolar Disorder, a mental health issue concerned with extreme mood swings.

Around a week later, Hanna was seen drinking whipped cream straight from the container claiming that she plays her hypomanic episode pretty outrageously. The influencer also confirmed the information in an interview with the Child Mind Institute.

Is Gabbie Hanna fine now?

Yes, Gabbie Hanna is fine right now. Thousands of fans on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms left warm messages for the influencer.

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Some of them also called for a health check on the TikTok star. We hope Hanna stays fine and recovers from her bad mental health phase soon.

Gabbie Hanna received a Wellness Check previously

In July 2021, Hanna left the internet stunned when she revealed that the police had visited her residence for a wellness check.

“The police just came for a wellness check and I answered the door stoned, covered in paint, and wearing only my underwear and a “make sure your friends are okay” t-shirt. I can’t believe they didn’t take me away,” she stated in a Tweet which is now deleted.

Hanna was posting content online that many followers found to be disturbing. The 31-year-old star had made a reputation for acting weird and being hard to work with.

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