Is esports betting more popular in Canada than in the USA?

Esports have changed sports betting in recent years. Huge competitive video games, the CS: GO Grand Championships, The Global, and The newly founded Overwatch League has garnered a large group of supporters and, with them, a significant amount of money new betting market for gamblers to service to. While strict gambling regulations have prevented a large population of persons away from the game in the United States, the situation in Canada is different. Despite possessing significantly more open betting regulations than the United States, Canada does not have a Las Vegas-style venue, giving it a much smaller global gaming impact than the United States.

But how is esports betting sites in Canada? As we have already stated, follow us as we give you all the essential knowledge.

What is esports, Scale of esports Nowadays?

The term “esports” refers to competitive video games played on computers. A video game with a professional competitive scene is referred to as an esports. Whether they join live tournaments or watch them on TV or online, millions of fans start following these players all around the world. On online media like Twitch, viewers can watch their favorite gamers play in live time, and this is often how renowned players gain their fan following.

Global investors, companies, and media organizations are all paying notice as competitive video games continue to blend into mainstream culture. According to our projections, the number of monthly esports viewers will reach 29.6 million in 2022, up 11.5 percent from 2021.

Esports betting sites

Esports betting has become a regular feature on a wide range of worldwide betting sites, as well as encouraging the establishment of several dedicated Canadian esports betting sites. Many global betting sites also feature dedicated sports and esports betting areas, so the website’s comprehensive directory of esports betting Canada should be your first point of contact. During major championships, special betting options are available on most of the major betting sites, and many more will add them if you request them via social media. Only the most reputable bookmakers are reviewed, and the top operators in the sector are listed below.

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Is it legal in Canada to bet on esports?

We already know that esports betting Canada is fully legal within the country. With that said, some Canadian bettors may be perplexed by the legality governing the country and what it all implies. Esports betting in Canada, for example, is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, as acknowledged by the Canadian government. If you’re new to the betting world, the laws can be confusing. Canadian esports betting sites are legal and entertaining.

The uncertainty stems from the fact that provincial norms and regulations differ. Currently, law governs the gaming industry in Canada, including esports betting sites. A government license is required for the gambling service. However, this restriction only applies to Canadian-based businesses; it does not apply to Canadian bettors who simply want to put a bet. Punters can use whatever online betting site they want without breaching the law.

Esports Statistics for 2021

According to esports statistics for 2021, the size of this market niche is estimated to be around $1 billion. When compared to 2020 bet on esports figures (US$947 million), the situation hasn’t changed significantly. However, esports statistics from 2019 show a modest decrease in worldwide esports revenue between 2019 and 2020, which could be attributed to the COVID-19 epidemic. The esports sector was estimated to be valued at $957 million in 2019.

To different predictions by 2024, the esports market will be worth $1.6 billion.

Esports is still a young sector with a lot of potentials. The revenues from esports will rise, According to recent esports growth estimates, revenue will increase by more than 50% in just three years!

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 Valorant, a game developed by Riot Games, has lately been hailed as a strong competitor for CSGO’s multi-player FPS crown. Others boldly declare Valorant to be the “CSGO killer.” The new version is unlikely to convert the masses of CSGO fans, from the perspective of an unbiased gamer. However, because the game is a true competitor, it is worthwhile to investigate further and compare the two.

Server support, on the other hand, is a crucial starting point. Unlike CSGO, Valorant was able to supply 128-tick servers to provide the best possible gameplay. And, especially if you want to compete, this might be one of the game’s key withdrawal points. Valorant also claims to have a bulletproof anti-cheat framework. This is just another area where Valve failed miserably in CSGO. Valve’s anti-cheat system does find the cheaters, but it isn’t quick enough.

Popular esports betting games

The esports betting in Canada business is dominated by a few fundamental sorts of gambling.

· Sports Wagering

Sports betting is the most popular esports product, esports betting is similar to ordinary sports betting, with the exception that the esports betting offering is far less well-established. When betting on esports matches, players have the option of using cash-based or skin-based platforms.

Genuine League of Legends betting is the most popular, but CS: GO betting is a close second (and, according to our research, gaining ground): (and closing ground, according to our analysis):

· Esports Fantasy

Fantasy esports has a following, though it is far smaller than sports betting on esports competitions. The bulk of these sites accepts cash investments. When it comes to daily fantasy sports, the major players are exactly who you’d expect; Draft Kings now offers fantasy esports.

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· Progressive jackpots

Jackpot games are lottery-style games in which participants lay odds a little amount in exchange for the chance of winnings a huge sum of money. Jackpot games are now exclusively available on skin betting sites, but, understandably, cash betting sites would start to offer something similar to entice skin gamblers – especially if Valve’s crackdown succeeds in choking off the skin betting industry.

Jackpot games were the second-most popular skin betting activity after esports betting in Canada, as shown in the graph below (note that these estimations were made before Valve’s crackdown).


New games are constantly being produced, with titles like CSGO and Valorant only a few years ago hardly existing. As a result, the landscape is fast-paced and constantly changing, making it difficult to anticipate what will happen next. Esports is always changing, which attracts both players and bettors.

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