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Planning to buy an iPhone?  Then you definitely make sure that you are buying the mobile from a legal source. iPhone IMEI check is really important before buying it. IMEI is the short term for “International Mobile Equipment Identity” it is basically a fifteen digits social security number on your device.

Not only before buying any mobile but an IMEI number is also necessary in case you have lost your mobile. GSM (Global Security for Mobile Communications) launched the IMEI number on every mobile phone. This number is unique in every mobile.

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Why IMEI Number is Important?

You must keep your IMEI number to yourself. It is a private number you shouldn’t share with anyone like your e-mail password or credit card number. If anyone has the access to your mobile’s IMEI number, he/she can easily find out all your information saved on your device. If you have lost your iPhone or your iPhone has been stolen, then the iPhone IMEI check is mandatory.

With the help of an IMEI number, police or network provider can track your iPhone. In any case, where the mobile needs to track down, an IMEI number is needed. If your iPhone has been stolen and the thief changes the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) still you will be able to track your mobile location with the IMEI number.

Check IMEI on new iPhone

iPhone IMEI check process is a bit different from Android phones. The process is below:

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  • First, you have to go to Settings and then tap the “General” option and then tap “About”.
  • Now you need to look for the serial number. You might need to scroll down a little to find the IMEI/MEID, and ICCID number.
  • Then copy the number by touch and holding it for a while. Then paste the information into Apple registration or support forms.

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Apple Serial Number Check

If you are planning to buy a second-hand/ used iPhone, then iPhone IMEI check is essential. iPhones are usually the most expensive mobile brand in the market. So it is obviously a lucrative target for the burglars. Usually one has to buy a used iPhone from an unknown source; there is a possibility that the phone might be blacklisted by the previous owner (valid owner).

When a phone has been stolen, the owner can easily block that mobile from use anymore with the help of an IMEI number. Ask for the iPhone’s IMEI number before buying it from a vendor or third party.

This IMEI number is important to differentiate your own device from the other devices. In case you take your phone for the repair you can identify your mobile phone with the IMEI number from the other devices that look similar to yours.


Now that you know the iPhone IMEI check is an important issue, but the IMEI number in a secure place with you. Save this number somewhere outside your Mobile phone or iPhone. You can write it down in your notebook with your other security numbers or passwords so in case you have lost your mobile /iPhone you can track it down.

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