Introducing ‘RoTATE’ – A New Desktop Stand & Kickstarter Project For Switch

Are you tired of holding your Switch in handheld mode? Is Tabletop mode not enough? Want to play certain genres of games like SHMUP in vertical mode? Then this new Kickstarter project caleld ‘RoTATE’ might just be the Switch accessory you need.

Developed by Retro Frog – a small design and manufacturing company located in southern Ohio, the RoTATE allows users to play Nintendo Switch games in both vertical and horizontal displays, including TATE orientation display.

It’s got 360 degree rotation – with notches at every 90 degrees, you can adjust the tilt in 18 degree increments, and it supports both the original Switch and OLED model. You can also have the USB-C charge cable plugged in while you play.

The goal is US$10,000 with more than $4,000 of it funded at the time of writing. And there are 29 days to go. The stretch goals at the moment allow users to get their hands on multiple RoTATE Stands. You can learn more in the video above.


Would you be interested in a Switch accessory like this? Leave a comment down below.

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