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HSC College Admission Migration System- HSC College Admission Result published yesterday. Around 13 lakh students all over the country have submitted the application for College Admission 2022-21. Only 12 ,77,721 have selected for 1st merit list. But it is a matter of sorrow that more than 64,972 students have not get any chance any college. In this situation they want to know what they have to do. In addition we are here to share some instructions about it.

HSC College Admission Migration Summary

Though the 1st merit list of HSC College Admission has published, students want to migrate their college. Even, they are looking for college admission Migration System. But we want to share the full information of college admission.

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  • 1st Merit List Result : 25 August, 2022
  • Final Submission : 26 August, 2022- 30 August, 2022
  • 2nd Time Application : 31 August, 2022 to 2 September, 2022
  • 1st Migration Result : 4 September, 2022
  • 2nd Merit List Result : 4 September, 2022
  • 2nd Time Final Submission : 5 September to 6 September
  • 3rd Time Application: 7 September to 8 September
  • 2nd Migration Result: 10 September, 2022
  • 3rd Merit List Result : 10 September, 2022
  • College Wise Final Result : 13 September, 2022
  • Admit : 13 September to 15 September

How to Apply Migration ?

Are you know how to apply for migration ? Then we can show you the right path.

Generally Migration has on automatically. However, there are some rules and regulation for Migration.

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  • Firstly, go to this website.
  • Now confirm your college application with 200 tk payment.
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Migrate Your College

Note : Only selected applicants can able for migration. If you have not selected in first merit list, you would not able to migration.

HSC College Admission Migration Kivabe Korbo ?

Most of the students search on internet as HSC College Admission Migration Kivabe Korbo ? All the information and apply system have discussed above of the post. So, you must take a look there to know about it.

HSC College Migration Result

Students who have selected the 1st merit list have to confirm the admission first. Then they are able to Migrate. Nowadays migration is autocratically on. So, you do not have to tensed for it.

XI Class Result Processing will be completed by total 3 steps. At first you have to select subject to primary confirmation, highest 2 times migration process done automatically. Auto-migration will be done in every step by students’ own choice. Migration will always go upwards in order of choice.

  • 1st  Migration Result will publish on 4 September, 2022.
  • 2nd Migration Result will publish on 10 September, 2022

What is Migration ?

The word Migration Means changed. Suppose, you have got a chance in a college but you do not want to study here. Now you want to change your college. So, its called Migration.


Frequently Asked Questions

When i can migrate the college ?

Ans : When you get a chance in a college, you will able to Migrate. Otherwise, you will not able to Migration.

What will i do if i do not get chance any college ?

Ans : The Admission will complete in 3 steps. So, you will get 3 chance for application. So, do not despaired because you have more chance at hand.

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When 1st Migration result will publish ?

Ans : HSC College Admission 2022 1st merit list will publish on 4 September, 2022.

When will HSC College Admission 2nd Merit List Publish ?

Ans : HSC College Admission 2nd merit list will publish 4 September, 2022.

Last Words

If you have any questions in HSC College Admission Migration System, Migration result, you can connect with us. Thank you.

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