How To Upgrade The Solstice Armour In Destiny 2? Answered


Here is how to upgrade the Solstice Armour in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s Solstice Event is back once again, and with it comes a shiny new set of armor that is a must-have for Destiny players. The Solstice event introduces the Candescent Armour and with it, a new upgrade system is being introduced as part of the Solstice event to streamline the process. Here’s everything we know about How To Upgrade The Solstice Armour In Destiny 2.

Solstice Armour System Explained

Destiny 2

Essentially, Destiny 2’s Solstice Event is introducing a new time-limited currency that is being used to upgrade armor. The first currency is silver leaves, these can be obtained by completing activities that can be found in playlists and public events; this can include dungeons, strikes, and patrols.

Players will receive their first batch of silver leaves from Eva Levante at the Tower. This currency can then be converted to silver ash through the new Bonfire Bash activity. Silver Ash can then be used to re-roll armor stats on the Armour Mod screen.

It’s vital that players have at least one piece of Solstice Armour equipped in order to continue earning currency. The first piece of Solstice Armour is provided by Eva.

Kindling is the second new currency that is earned by completing Solstice event challenges which can be accessed via the Solstice Event card or the ‘Quests’ tab in Seasonal Challenges, there’s 24 events in total.

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Kindling is used to upgrade your armor-stat roll potential, with each armor being upgradeable three times for each tier.

This only needs to be done once per armor slot. Upgrades to Solstice armor are permanent and is shared across all pieces for that slot. Meaning if you upgrade an armor slot to its highest level, tier 3.

All Solstice armor pieces in your inventory or any future pieces of Solstice armor you obtain for that slot will be able to access tier 3 stat rolls. Keep in mind, though, that armor cannot be re-rolled once fully upgraded and that none of this applies to either class items or non-solstice armor.

That’s Everything we know about How to upgrade Destiny 2’s Solstice Armour. Be sure to check out our coverage for the rest of Destiny 2’s Solstice Event.

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