How to Unlock Sumeru Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact

Speak with Katheryne to unlock Sumeru Daily Commissions! Genshin Impact 3.0 update brings the highly anticipated Sumeru region to the game. Similar to other areas, Sumera has its own unique tab of Daily Commissions quests that players can undertake to earn daily rewards. However, you can’t partake in Sumeru’s daily missions right away. For this, you’ll need to meet certain requirements and complete a particular world quest known as Adventure Takes Courage. So without any further delay, here’s everything you need to know about unlocking Sumeru Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact.

How to Unlock Sumeru’s Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact

Before we move forward, it’s worth noting that players must complete the Archon Quests Chapter 3: Act 1 and Act 2. After completing the Act 2 quest, also known as “The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings,” the travelers will receive a new world quest called Adventure Takes Courage.

The primary objective of this quest is to speak with Katheryne, who is the receptionist of the Adventurers’ Guild. She can be found in the north of Sumeru, and one can easily reach there by teleporting to the Avidya Forest waypoint. Simply stand close to Katheryne’s point and have a short conversation with her.

That’s it. The daily commissions tab for the Sumeru region should now unlock in the Genshin Impact. But before you hop into the game for the first daily mission, it’s essential to wait for a daily server reset.

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How to Check Sumeru’s Daily Commissions

unlock Sumeru Commissions

Once you follow all the aforementioned instructions, you’re all set to complete the Daily Commissions in the Sumeru region. To check the list of missions, open up the Adventurer’s Handbook by clicking on the book icon located top right of the screen. Then, navigate to the Commissions tab and select Sumeru from the drop-down list.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking Sumeru Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact. Before leaving, don’t forget to check out some of our other Genshin Impact-related content here at Twinfinite, like How to Get Majestic Hooked Beak in Genshin Impact, Who Are the Voice Actors of Tighnari in Genshin Impact, and more.

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