How to Solve all Act 3 Puzzles in Inscryption

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Inscryption is a dark deck-building game filled with secrets and puzzles between each round of card battles. However, the third and final act features some of the more challenging puzzles in the game, most of which are gated by progression.

To help you get started, here’s everything you need to know about how to solve all Act 3 puzzles in Inscryption.

How to Solve all Act 3 Puzzles in Inscryption

Moving Blocks

The first set of puzzles we’re going to discuss is the two Moving Block puzzles. Both of which are right next to PO3 and can be completed as soon as you stand up from the table by PO3. Although, they’re pretty difficult to figure out due to the card values and sigils involved. So, we’ve provided the solutions below;

inscyption screenshot of moving blocks act 3 puzzle
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inscription moving blocks puzzle 2 act 3
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The container on the left rewards you with the Mrs. Bomb Remote, which is a powerful item you can use in combat. It’s also a vital tool in terms of strategy for secret boss fights and other challenges throughout the game. While the container on the right has the Lonely Wizbot card. Which is a talking card with 2/1, 2 energy and that moves adjacent to the last card you played (if there are vacant spaces).

Captcha Puzzles Set 1

In the next room over from PO3’s board game, you will come across another set of puzzles that will open a bridge to the other side of the room. The first set of Captcha puzzles is fairly straightforward, as you simply need to press the arrow until the Sigil is upright. To help you get started, here are all three solutions for the first set;

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inscription screenshot of act 3 puzzles
Image via Daniel Mullins Games
inscription captcha puzzle set 1 act 3
Image via Daniel Mullins Games
inscription puzzle act 3 solution
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Keep in mind that there are two sets of the Captcha puzzle, the latter of which we will be discussing later on. However, both will need to be solved in order to open the chest that contains the Fishbot card. As well as the Battery PO3 players need to progress through Inscryption.

The Cuckoo Clock

Next up is the Cuckoo Clock puzzle, which you will encounter by walking left of PO3. There are actually a couple of different ways you can solve this puzzle, here are the two possible solutions;

cuckoo clock puzzle inscryption
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cuckoo clock inscryption act 3 solution
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

If you walk to PO3’s left and look at the wall, the Cuckoo Clock from Act 1 will appear. You can actually do a few things with this right away, though you won’t actually find out how to do one of them until later.

The first solution has you setting the time to 11:00, which is the same solution from Act 1. This time, you’re given the Airborne Sigil as a clue for the next puzzle. Alternatively, you can also set the clock to 4:00 if you want to get back the Ouroboros (now the Ourobot) and claim your prize.

The Secret Boss

Players will encounter the Secret Boss in Inscryption quite early, so long as they’ve acquired the Mycologist’s Key from Act 2. Once obtained, you can then go to the Waypoint between the Beast area and the Dead area, move your mouse over the right down diagonal and follow the secret passageway. Eventually, you’ll be able to use your key to unlock the fight.

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Captcha Puzzles Set 2

Prior to entering the third zone, players will have to solve three more sets of the Captcha puzzles. Which, to be completely transparent, are far more complex than the first three. To help you get started, here are the three solutions for each;

inscryption captcha puzzle act 3 part 2
Image via Daniel Mullins Games
inscription screenshot of act 3 puzzle solution
Image via Daniel Mullins Games
Inscryption captcha puzzle set 2 act 3
Image via Daniel Mullins Games

Afterward, you will need to do some basic math while incorporating Inscryption’s various Sigils. Before finally rotating the puzzle pieces to see which Sigil is on the screen. Once these are all finished, a floating bot holding gems will appear which you can take back to PO3 and continue forward.

The Totem and Green Ooze

If you’ve solved the Cuckoo Clock puzzle from Act 3 in Inscryption, then you should have the Airborne Sigil, which you’ll need for this stage of the game. Once you’ve reached the factory in Botopia, you’ll get to create your own custom card. If you glance over to PO3’s right-hand side, then you will notice there’s a card there. Using this as an example, here’s what your card will need to have;

  • 2 Energy
  • 1 Attack Power
  • 1 Health
  • Annoying Sigil (Alarm Clock) on the left
  • Sniper Sigil (Crosshairs) on the right

Once you’ve pieced this part together, you will need to go back to the printer next to PO3 and check the screen. If you see the Bifurcated Strike Sigil, you can safely head to the second room where you did the first set of Sigils. On the table, you will find The Photographer’s head. Simply click on it twice to use the flash. If you use this in the right place, you’ll be met with the Skull and Crossbones Sigil. Now, you can go into the third room and input the Sigils into the totem in the corner. Here’s how it should look;

  • Wing (Airborne)
  • Skull and Crossbones (Touch of Death)
  • Two Arrows (Bifurcated Strike)
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Once you’ve put together the correct combination, you’ll be sent to the Green Ooze’s world. Who will reveal himself once you walk towards the hat. Since Green Ooze wants you to admire his work, you will need to stare at the painting and then go back and talk to him about his art.

Holo Pelts

Throughout Inscryption, you’re likely to encounter Holo Pelts. While they are typically found off the beaten path in different areas of the game, you can also purchase one directly from the store.

Secret Images and Files

Finally, once you’ve beaten the fourth Uberbot, you will come across random pictures scattered throughout the map. They are typically found at the first item shop on the map, but truly pop up at random. You can also find some secret files that provide more of a background to the history of Inscryption. These are generally found in the Dead and Magic zones.

That’s everything you need to know about how to solve all Act 3 puzzles in Inscryption. If you’re interested in more Inscryption content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find helpful information like how to open the safe in Inscryption or the Inscryption Robot puzzle solution.

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