How to Scratch the Vinyl in the Club (Scratch Trophy)


Become a cat DJ with Stray’s Scratch Trophy.

Want to know how to scratch the vinyl in the club of Stray? We’ve got you covered in this guide about what you must do to receive the game’s Scratch Trophy. So, here’s everything you need to know about this adorable achievement.

How to Scratch the Vinyl in the Club (Scratch Trophy)

At the end of Chapter 10 of Stray, you’ll be able to go into the NightClub of Midtown, which is the crucial area for the Scratch Trophy. To ensure that you earn this achievement, here’s a step-by-step guide on what you’ll need to do:

  1. Talk to Alex, the robot, to enter the NightClub.

    The only way to get in is through the building window, where you must speak with a robot named “Alex” to be allowed inside.

  2. Go to the table towards the left of the DJ area to obtain the vinyl.

    After Alex lets you in, go inside to explore the club, and you’ll see tables with drinks and robots near them. The record can be found on top of one of them near the left corner of the club, where you must pick it up and carry the item with you.

  3. Take the record to the turntable.

    Walk over to the DJ robots and jump up on the turntable to place the record. Once you put it down, you will have the option to scratch the vinyl, thus unlocking the Scratch Trophy of Stray.

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That does it for guide on how to scratch the vinyl in the club to achieve the Scratch Trophy. If you would like more help with Stray achievements, you can view our other guides on how to obtain Curiosity Killed the Cat, Meowlody, Cat’s Best Friend, and Cat-a-strophe trophies. Players of the game can also look at the relevant links below to see more content.

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