How to Revive Yourself in Inside the Backrooms

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Inside the Backrooms is a dangerous, unforgiving hellscape of liminal suffering. Creeping down the halls won’t do you any good when entities are lurking around every corner, or when they leap from the vents, right in your path. Sometimes, you may think there is no escape, that no matter what you do, you are fated to die at the hands of one of the many creatures. Thankfully this game is benevolent enough to give you ten lives, but only if you can revive yourself. It may be tricky, but learning how to do this is vital for your success in the backrooms. Here is how to revive yourself in Inside the Backrooms.

How to Cheat Death in Inside the Backrooms

Inside the backrooms gives you ten lives for the whole playthrough, lives that you cannot earn back. Upon death, your briefcase will fall with your corpse, and you will become a ghost. You have five minutes to find your body, else you are dead with no coming back.

If you are playing multiplayer, and you die, your allies cannot help you at all, they only spectate as they see your shadow running aloof, desperately trying to find the ‘luminous door’.

To revive yourself, you must, in your incorporeal form, find a door that only you can see. It will be slightly ajar, letting the intense light from the other side through. This door will randomly spawn within your dying proximity, so you don’t need to go too far, yet it isn’t always easy to locate.

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To help you find the door, the game will play a heartbeat when you are on track. This is different to the heartbeat when you are near an entity, it is more subtle and quieter. If your ghost is near an entity, and you are close to the door, both heartbeats will play at the same time, so try to tune out any of the entity-driven heartbeats.

Despite the audio cues, it may seem that the door is still impossible to find. Just make sure that the heartbeat doesn’t go away, and dash through every avenue, listening. If the heartbeat goes away, retrace your steps. WIth five minutes, you have more than enough time, just make sure you can always hear the audio cue, and it will be impossible to miss. You will have to open the door and then walk through.

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Other players could potentially steal from your briefcase, so make sure you trust who you are playing with.

As a ghost, you have free access to the whole backrooms for five minutes, so you could use that time to guide and direct your friends.

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