How to Play Multiplayer in Inside the Backrooms

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Inside the Backrooms offers a fantastic terrifying experience. In order to escape, you must have your wits about you. To solve all the puzzles and evade the blood-chilling entities, you have quite a task on your hands. But you don’t need to do it alone. So gather up your bravest of friends, as its time to escape the backrooms. Here is how to play multiplayer in Inside the Backrooms.

How to Start or Join a Multiplayer Server in Inside the Backrooms

When starting the game, you are presented with a horizontal menu at the bottom of the screen. Next to the single player mode, you have ‘host’ and ‘join game’.

If you want to start a game and let friends or strangers join you, then you should host your game. Once you have started to host, you have control over that lobby. You can change its name to stick out to people you want to join. You can also control how many players you want in the lobby, from 2 to 4 through the slider. You can also choose whether the lobby is private or public, in other words whether you want randoms joining you or just your friends. If you have progressed to the Office rooms, either in single or multiplayer, you can start the game from there. But, bear in mind, players who have not got to the Office Rooms cannot join your lobby.

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Being a Steam game, you can directly invite your friends when the game is created. This is required for a private lobby through the ‘invite friends’ button.

When you have modified the settings to your liking, you can then start the game and wait for players to join.

If you would rather join a game, then you can hit ‘join game’. You will be met with a list of available lobbies that are free for you to join. Once you have found one with the details to your liking, you can join it. You will be waiting until the host begins the game.

When you are waiting in the lobby, you have the option to change your skin to be presented differently. This is trivial and has no effect on the game.

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Multiplayer in Inside the Backrooms

The game does not scale the difficulty for the number of players, so this means that the game is easier playing with people.

Having more players comes in handy as the whistle feature can be used to distract entities from teammates in vital positions.

Level Fun becomes a lot easier with more pairs of eyes being able to find the gifts and more bodies able to blow out the candles and pop balloons.

Proximity chat is also a feature, so for best results, connect a mic!

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