How to Play Co-Op in Skyrim (Skyrim Together Reborn Mod)


This is an excellent game for co-op.

The mod scene is always the best way to get wishlist-level features in a beloved game. Skyrim, for instance, recently got a mod that allowed for co-op. You read that right, co-op in Skyrim. Here’s how to play co-op in Skyrim with the Skyrim Together Reborn Mod.

What Is the Skyrim Together Reborn Mod?

Skyrim Together Reborn is a new version of the original Skyrim Together mod that the Together Team stopped updating around 2019. This new version, Skyrim Reborn Together, has been rebuilt to work with the Special and Anniversary Editions of Skyrim.

The Together Team describes the mod as:

Skyrim Together Reborn is a passion project, created through the work of a small team of volunteers. The aim of the mod is to develop a true Skyrim multiplayer experience that brings online multiplayer into this otherwise strictly single player game. Our focus is to create a co-op like experience for about 2-8 players, not an MMO but we have tested with 30+ players. We only support the latest patches of Special Edition and Anniversary Edition, that is any version 1.6.x. 

How to Play Co-Op Using Skyrim Together Reborn Mod

How to Play Co-Op Using Skyrim Together Reborn Mod

  1. First you will want to download/install the Vortex Mod Manager application from the Nexus Mods site.

    You can start that download here. The download will require making a Nexus Mods account if you don’t already have one.

  2. Make sure you have Skyrim installed on your computer.

    You can let Vortex automatically scan for supported games on your system to link it into the manager. While they can take a bit of time, you can always navigate to Skyrim in the Games section on Vortex and click Manage on the thumbnail to manually select .exe file in your Skyrim folder.

  3. Now you will want to navigate to the Nexus Mods page for Skyrim Together Reborn

    Go to the Files tab once it loads.

  4. Make sure Vortex is running and click the Mod Manager Download option.

    Your browser might require you to click a button acknowledging the download will open in a different application.

  5. Once Vortex fully downloads the file, you can hit the Install button to have it do all the mod placement work for you.
  6. From the Vortex Dashboard, you will want to set the game’s destination as the SkyrimTogether.exe

    You will want to do this instead of launching the game through Steam.

  7. If you’re going to be hosting the games, you will want to read a couple sections The Together Team have put together.

    You’ll want to look at the server guide and server configuration.

  8. From here load up the game from inside Vortex to be safe.

    In game you will want to hit Right Ctrl to bring up the connect menu and follow the step above to get everyone and connected and boom, you’re playing with friends.

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If you need further elaboration, The Together Team put together their own video tutorial as well that you can find below:

That’s everything you need for how to play co-op in Skyrim with the Skyrim Together Reborn Mod. If you’re looking for other Skyrim mods, we have you covered.

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