How to Play Burning Games in World of Tanks Blitz

burning games event in world of tanks blitz
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World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play tank warfare game that sees players choosing their favourite tanks from a selection of over 300 to jump into vicious tank battles with online opponents. To keep the game fresh, time-limited events get periodically released, allowing players to experience a whole new way to play. One potential event is Burning Games, which sees players in a frantic rush to dominate before their engine fries. But what is Burning Games in World of Tanks Blitz and how do you play?

What is Burning Games in World of Tanks Blitz?

Burning Games is an intense game mode where your health points slowly get eaten away as you drive. The twist, however, is that shooting your allies heals them, and shooting the enemy heals you and damages them. With health draining at a horrible rate, the game encourages you to either stick together or rush the enemy to survive.

To prolong the short-lived nature of the game, every tank has two lives. After the destruction, you simply return to where you started the game after a short wait.

How to Play Burning Games

Burning Games is a time-limited event that is only active for a short while. To prepare players, the game will notify you when the game mode is soon to be active and for how long you can play it for, through the notifications page and through an announcement panel when you start the game.

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If you want to play, you’re going to have to wait for it to be active, but when it is active, you must select the game mode from the menu. To the right of the play button will be a button with a pair of golden dice (when you have unlocked the ability to switch game modes). Clicking this will open up the game mode menu, allowing you to change to which ever game modes are active at that time.

Select Burning Games and begin your match.

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burning games in world of tanks blitz
Screenshot by GJ / Wargaming

Tips for Burning Games

With such pressure, the act of winning through capturing zones becomes a huge tool, as you force your opponents to drive over whilst you can be stationary and wait for them to wander into your line of fire.

If you have a tank with a quick reload, you could potentially play medic and frequently heal your allies from a vantage point.

Try not to be too heroic and flank the enemy, most of your health will be depleted before you can enact your master plan.

Staying as a group has never been so important, so do not go anywhere alone.

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