How to Hotwire Cars/Vehicles in Project Zomboid

In for a hardcore zombie survival adventure? Well, then Project Zomboid is the game for you. However, with survival being the most important element of the game, you’ll probably need a vehicle to get around. With the undead clogging up the streets, the last situation you want to find yourself in is without a way to escape.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about how to hotwire a car and vehicles in Project Zomboid.

How to Hotwire Cars/Vehicles in Project Zomboid

It’s no secret that Project Zomboid features a huge map, one that should not be traversed on foot. This leaves you with no other option than to hotwire a car or vehicle before you’re entirely surrounded by zombies. Thankfully, it’s a fairly simple process once you know the basics.

Before you hop into the driver’s seat, it’s important to note that you will first need to have either one Electrical skill or two Mechanical skills. Alternatively, you can also be a Burglar character, but you will need to check off one of these three prerequisites before you can hotwire a vehicle.

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Also, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve chosen a car that has gas in the tank. This might sound obvious, but it’s rarely something that players consider when they go to hotwire a car. If it is without gas, you will first need to siphon gas before you do anything else. Particularly since the noise from the car’s engine will attract zombies. So, you’ll want to ensure that you’re prepared to escape as soon as you turn the car on.

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Once you’re fueled up and ready to go, you can hotwire a car or vehicle in Project Zomboid by;

  1. Go to an open door or smashed window and press “E” to enter the vehicle.
  2. Press “V” to bring up the vehicle radial menu.
  3. Select “Hotwire Car” to begin the process.
  4. Once the car has been hotwired, press “W” to start the engine.

Keep in mind that it could take a few attempts to start the engine. Although, once you’ve got it down, you’re ready to take off and evade the scene!

That’s everything you need to know about how to hotwire cars and vehicles in Project Zomboid. If you’re interested in more Project Zomboid content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to board up windows or how to cure sickness in Project Zomboid.

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