How to Get Without Remorse in Destiny 2


Without Remorse is one of the strongest shotguns in Destiny 2, and today, we discuss how you can get one for yourself.

Season 18 has officially gone live in Destiny 2. With a new season comes new weapons, armor, and much more to shake up the PVP experience. But why bother going for the new stuff, when you can go for the best PVP shotgun in the game? That’s where Without Remorse, a Solar Energy Shotgun, comes in. Today we’re going to discuss how to get Without Remorse and what the god roll is for it in Destiny 2.

How to Get Without Remorse in Destiny 2

How to get Without Remorse in Destiny 2

  1. Go to the helm and claim the Nightmare Harvester Artifact

    Start out by going to the Helm. Upon loading in, head downstairs to the left, and visit the Crown of Sorrow. When you select it, you can then claim the Nightmare Harvester. This is the tool you will need to earn Opulent Umbral Energy, which we’ll discuss in a bit.

  2. Play Nightmare Containment

    Go back to your destination hub and head over to the moon. From there, in the bottom left corner you’ll see the node for the castellum as shown below. Select it, and load into the Nightmare Containment Public Event. Upon completion you will earn Opulent Umbral Energy.

  3. Use your Opulent Umbral Energy to obtain Without Remorse

    After obtaining enough energy, return to the Crown of Sorrow at the Helm. Once you have collected at least 27 of the Opulent Umbral Energy, you may then buy your very own copy of Without Remorse.

Without Remorse God Roll

As mentioned before, Without Remorse is a top tier PVP shotgun, arguably the best. But which perk combination allows it to be the best? According to, the highest rated pair of perks which is considered to be the “God Roll” for the gun is Hip-Fire Grip and Fragile Focus. This combo allows the weapon to have increased range, accuracy, stability, and more when used in coordination with one another.

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No matter what class or subclass you use, this shotgun will be of great benefit to all setups you may craft. AN excellent choice for close quarter combat and aggressive play-styles.

Can You Craft Without Remorse?

You bet! Without Remorse is one of four shotguns in the entire game that can be crafted. To craft the weapon, you must first obtain five deep sight versions. These are the gun versions with red borders, as shown in the above image. To obtain this unique version of the weapon, you can either get one randomly from completions of Nightmare Containment, or by chance by buying a copy from the Crown of Sorrow. Once you collect a deep sight of it, you can then delete the gun to extract its pattern. After you collect all five patterns needed, you may go to the Enclave on Mars to craft your own roll of Without Remorse.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Without Remorse in Destiny 2. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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