How to Get Tin Sheet in Dinkum


Master the Tin Sheets in Dinkum.

There are certainly many video games out there that allow players to explore a different kind of life in a variety of settings. However, not many of them focus on the wild Australian outback, and that is where Dinkum comes in. The indie simulation title has only been in Early Access for a short time, but has garnered plenty of fans along the way. For those just starting out and wondering just how to get tin sheets in Dinkum, let us lend a hand.

Getting Tin Sheets in Dinkum

You will definitely need to get yourself some Tin Sheets as part of your early progression, especially if you are looking to build John’s Shop. Although Fletch isn’t the most informative, Tin Sheets can either be obtained by sawing a Tin Bar in half or by being lucky when using the metal detector.

Using the Saw

By using a Tin Bar on the saw, it will be run through the machine like lumbar, and results in a Tin Sheet that can be collected on the other side of the tool. If you take a closer look at the tooltip for Tin Sheets, this information will be made known to you as well.

Tin Bars Tin Sheets

Tin Bars are obtained from putting Tin Ore in the furnace.

Using Metal Detecting

If you’d much rather not waste your Tin Bars, then you will have to get to hard work with metal detecting in order to get your Tin Sheets. To start, both the Excavation and Metal Detecting Licenses need to be unlocked. Following that, purchase both a Shovel and Metal Detector.

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Metal Detecting Dinkum

Using the latter, search the island for possible Tin Sheets in the ground, and then use the former to dig them up. Just remember that there is no guarantee of Tin Sheets while metal detecting, so it can be time-consuming.

With the understanding of how to get tin sheets in Dinkum, you will be ready for more challenges to come. For more help on Dinkum and other life simulators such as Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, be sure to see our other guides, or search Twinfinite if you are looking for something more specific.

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