How to Get the Worker Jacket & Helmet in Stray


Getting the right ensemble together.

To gain access to the Neto Corporation’s Factory you’ll first need to get in touch with Clemantine’s contact, who will then ask you for a disguise to smuggle the two of you inside. Here’s how to get the worker jacket and helmet in Stray so you can make that happen.

Getting the Worker Jacket in Stray

This follows after you are able to get the cassette for the cassette player found behind the clothing store in Stray. Follow these next steps in order to obtain the disguises for both the contact as well as yourself.

The first stop is the clothing store for the worker jacket.

How to get the worker Jacket and Helmet in Stray
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive via Twinfinite
  • With the cassette in your possession, head to the backroom of the clothing store.
  • Place the cassette in the player, and let it play.
  • The noise will cause the shop owner to investigate.
  • With the owner distracted, return to the storefront and steal the jacket off the mannequin.
How to get the Jacket in Stray
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive via Twinfinite

Getting the Worker Hat in Stray

Now it’s time to find the Worker Hat, which is located at the hat store. As you’ll discover, though, it is, unfortunately, being restocked and the owner won’t allow anybody to come inside. You’ll need to hurry the workers up to gain access, which first requires you to find one who is skiving off at a local bar.

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  • Head to the bar on the opposite end, and find the employee that is passed out in the backroom.
  • Jump up the shelf and knock over the box of drinks to wake the employee up.
  • Follow the employee back to the shop, and jump into the box he is handing to his coworker when they’re is not looking. This will allow you to get inside the shop.
  • You will find the helmet on display in the window. Simply climb up the shelf, and grab it before anyone’s the wiser.
How to get the Jacket in Stray
Image Source: Annapurna Interactive via Twinfinite

What the Hat and Jacket Are Used For

With both worker helmet and jacket in your possession, you are now free to move further ahead in Stray and enter the Neto Corporation’s Factory. Clementine’s contact will disguise itself and smuggle you in using a box. The factory is also where you’ll find the Atomic Battery to power up the subway.

And there you have it, all you need to know about how to get the worker jacket and helmet in Stray. You can check out other guides related to the game, including how to get the Cat-a-strophe achievement/trophy, where to find energy drink cans, and how long it will take to beat the game. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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