How to Get the Head Mushroom in the Cooking, The Flavor of Nature Quest in Genshin Impact


Start your culinary journey by obtaining the Head Mushroom.

Are you having difficulty getting the Head Mushroom in the Cooking, The Flavor of Nature quest? Then, look no further because we’ve got you covered in this Genshin Impact guide that helps explain the steps you need to take to acquire this cooking ingredient.

How to Get the Head Mushroom in Genshin Impact

Head Mushroom in Genshin Impact
Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Getting the Head Mushroom is one of the main tasks you must do to complete the Genshin Impact quest: the Cooking, The Flavor of Nature. In this mission, the Aranara creature, Arachatora, will need your assistance in obtaining this item for his cooking training. Once you go to the designated area, you’ll come across two enemies that can be quickly taken down if you have a Cyro user since there is a puddle of water where you can freeze and attack them.

After you’ve defeated them, you must trigger the water draining mechanism to claim the Head Mushroom (the cooking ingredient is underwater), as shown here:

Finding the Head Mushroom
Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Go deeper inside the cave, and you’ll find a Withering Zone that you’ll need to clear up in order to grab the item. If you aren’t sure how to get rid of this new decaying area of Genshin Impact, your goal is to acquire Dedrograna (the green orb within a wooden structure) and perform a Charged Attack or an Aimed Shot on the smaller Withering Branches. As a result, an enemy will appear in front of the Tumor of the Withering that you must eliminate.

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Those who have cleared up the Withering Zone can finally go to Head Mushroom and give it to Arachatora, thus finishing the Cooking, The Flavor of Nature quest.

That does it for our guide on how to get the Head Mushroom in the Cooking, The Flavor of Nature mission. For more Genshin Impact content, you can check out the relevant links below and view our guides on where to get Harra Fruit, Zaytun Peach, and Majestic Hooked Beak.

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