How to Get Old Contraption in Dinkum


A guide on how to get old contraptions in Dinkum.

Progress in Dinkum can be rather slow at times. It starts to pick up once you’ve gathered a few recipes, purchased the essential licenses and tools, and have a nice slice of heaven on the island. One of the toughest hurdles to jump is when you start needing Old Contraptions. It’s essential for creating useful machines. If you’re having trouble finding them, you aren’t alone; here’s how to get Old Contraption in Dinkum.

How to Get Old Contraption in Dinkum

There are multiple ways to get Old Contraptions in Dinkum, and every single method relies entirely on luck. Those methods include:

  • A possible reward from a Quarry
  • Using a metal detector
  • A possible reward from an Investigation Request

Early on, you’ll be relying on finding Old Contraptions using a Metal Detector. You’ll need a Metal Detecting License and the tool itself to get started, which you can purchase from Fletch and John for 500 Permit Points and 7,000 Dinks, respectively. Aim the metal detector and wait for the metal detector to beep erratically and pray that you uncover an Old Contraption.

Image Source: The Ginger Empire/James Bendon

Investigation Requests are another way you can get Old Contraptions. If a visitor is asking for you to investigate an area, there’s a good chance you’ll uncover a satellite. By breaking it down with a Pickaxe, it’ll break apart into valuable components like Hot Batteries, Green Boards, and Old Contraptions, but it isn’t a guarantee.

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Lastly, Old Contraptions can be a possible reward from a Quarry. Every day a Quarry will recover a single item, which means having three Quarries built will recover three items per day. If you’re lucky and a barrel appears, the contents inside may include an Old Contraption. Again, it isn’t a guarantee.

What is the Old Contraption For?

The unfortunate news is that Old Contraptions are used for a variety of useful vehicles, in addition to being an essential component for building a Quarry. There are six recipes that call for Old Contraptions:

  • Tractor
  • Helicopter
  • Jet Ski
  • Lawn Mower
  • Motorbike
  • Quarry

On the bright side, most of the recipes that require an Old Contraption only ask for one, excluding the Helicopter and Tractor. When you do get lucky and find an Old Contraption, use it to build a Quarry first.

And now you know how to get Old Contraption in Dinkum. Since you’ll need to earn Dinks, a fast way of making money is by fishing. Twinfinite has a helpful guide on how to fish in Dinkum. If you have a couple friends playing, multiplayer is always an option to ease the burden.

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