How to Get Aromatic Woodchips and Aromatic Wood in Soul Hackers 2

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Soul Hackers 2 is a turn-based battle RPG connected to the Megami Tensei game series. This long-awaited sequel, like any RPG, is full of items and buffs you can use to help improve you and those you control in battle. One of the key items you’ll want to use a lot of is Incense, and to obtain Incense you need to collect Aromatic Wood to make it. Here’s how to get Aromatic Wood in Soul Hackers 2.

How to get Aromatic Wood

Aromatic Wood is a drop item you can only obtain by defeating opponents known as Risky Enemies. Risky Enemies are so dangerous that the game itself tells you to avoid them unless you have prepared specifically to hunt and kill them. They roam the dungeons and can not be taken out with a simple slash attack. Once you do manage to beat them, however, they will drop Aromatic Woodchips, and at a higher level, Aromatic Wood. You’re going to have to fight a good number of these deadly demons to get a reasonable amount of Aromatic Wood and Woodchips, so figure out their weaknesses soon and be on your best game.

Once you’ve obtained the desired amount of Aromatic Wood and Woodchips, you can start crafting Incense. For STR or INT stat boosts you have to give up a large amount of 4 of both resources. For VIT, LUK, or AGI, you will only have to give up two of either Wood or Woodchips. Once you have crafted your Incense, the boosts to your stats are permanent so once you get good enough to take out Risky Enemies you can really buff up your characters and start taking on stronger enemies and dealing some real damage.

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