How To Get All Free Items In Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub? Get Free Items In Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub

Free Items In Roblox Innovation Awards Voting

Many players were concerned that the fan-favorite free items might be lost with the annual Bloxy Awards’ new redesign. Fortunately, this is not the case at all! Players can get six UGC items completely free by following the short instructions below as part of the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub experience’s grand launch and celebration of the Innovation Awards’ new appearance. However, keep in mind that these things are only available until July 27, 2024, so if you’re interested, get them now. The Roblox Innovation Awards will be  on September 10. 

How To Get All Free Items In Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub?

Check out the list below for a short overview of all the items available in this event and instructions on how to get them. Continue reading after this list if you want more detailed information.

  • Innovator’s Gold Tuxedo – Make one visit to the Roblox Innovation Awards voting page.

  • Gold ‘n’ White Curved Horns – Check out twice the Roblox Innovation Awards voting page.

  • Circlet of Patience – Climb the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub stairs before they go.

  • Painted Gold Jacket – Cast your vote in the Innovation Awards voting.

  • Golden Tucket Hat – Use the Roblox Innovation Awards Photo Booth Voting Hub.

  • Fragmented Top Hat – Find each Roblox cube piece inside the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub.

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Get All Free Items In Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub

Innovator’s Gold Tuxedo And Gold ‘n’ White Curved Horns

Simply joining the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub experience twice will get you these two things, as noted in the list above. When you sign up for the first time, you will receive the Innovator’s Gold Tuxedo; when you sign up again, you will receive the Gond ‘n’ White Curved Horns.

Circlet of Patience

Enter the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub and proceed to the stairs to begin your adventure. It can be a little challenging to find the first step because these steps appear and vanish at irregular intervals. You might need to wait a few seconds for the stairs to appear.

You should be able to reach the Circlet of Patience by climbing this set of stairs and proceeding along its path. It shouldn’t be too difficult to climb the stairs as long as you wait for the light’s moving track to occur. However, there is one section that might be a little challenging. You actually need to descend into a hidden platform beneath you and then proceed to climb a second flight of stairs after you reach the step, which appears to be the last step.

You will arrive at the Circlet of Patience after climbing this second tier. You only need to enter it to collect this item.

Painted Gold Jacket

The only way to get the Painted Gold Jacket is to vote in each of the five Innovation Awards categories. Approach any of the light circles dotted over the globe to cast your vote, then select an option from the pop-up menu that appears. You’ll see pictures of the four candidates for each of the five categories, and you can click on the experience or person you’d want to support.

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When you’re prepared to cast your vote, click the green VOTE button to do so. You will receive the Painted Gold Jacket after submitting your votes.

Golden Tucket Hat

Search for and ascend the stairs to use the Roblox Innovation Awards Voting Hub Photo Booth and earn the Golden Tucket Hat. There ought to be a huge, floating Roblox logo at the top of these steps.

As soon as you reach the top of these stairs, the camera will transform into a picture booth and the Golden Tucket Hat’s emblem will show up on your screen, signifying that you’ve earned the free item it offers.

Fragmented Top Hat

As implied by its name, the Fragmented Top Hat is obtained by gathering four crystallized pieces that, when put together, become a dazzling Roblox cube. These shards can be discovered in the locations listed below.

  • Within the Roblox logo’s golden hole.

  • On a platform that can only be accessed by ascending a flight of disappearing stairs.

  • Right of the voting booths is where these steps begin.

  • Behind the picture booth, a big Roblox logo is camouflaged against the rear wall.

  • To the left of the main space, hidden behind one of the cubes.

  • Be ready to go on a hike.

  • The Roblox logo on top of your Robloxian’s head should be complete once you have collected the final fragment, and the Fragmented Top Hat will be yours.

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