How to Fix No Location Found on iPhone


How to fix the No Location Found error on iPhone.

Being able to find your iPhone’s location is crucial if it gets lost, misplaced, or stolen. In that case, using Apple’s Find My app can be incredibly helpful. It not only locates your device, but also the devices of friends and family who share their location with you. However, the service relies on having a connection, which also means it doesn’t always work and an error may appear. Here’s what you can do to fix No Location Found on iPhones.

How to Fix No Location Found on iPhone

Check “Find My” App System Status

The first move you should make is to double-check that the Find My app service is currently available. Every now and then, Apple disables the service to make updates or fixes.

  1. Visit Apple’s official System Status page.
  2. The service you’re looking for is “Find My.”

If the Find My service is available, there will be a green dot next to the left. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to change the status. When Apple is finished making changes, the service will be available once again. You would do the same if you’re getting an SSL error with Apple Music.

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Update Your iPhone’s OS

If you checked the status for Apple’s services and the Find My service is up and running, then the next step is to update the operating system for your iPhone. This is especially true if the Find My app was working previously and no changes were made to the in-app settings.

  1. Open Settings and select the General tab.
  2. In General, choose Software Update.

Try using the Find My app again after the updates are downloaded and installed.

Adjust the “Find My” App Settings

If updating the operating system didn’t work, then it’s time you check your device’s settings. Perhaps a recent update cleared your settings or maybe someone made adjustments without your knowledge. Either way, these can be reset and made right again.

  1. Open Settings, choose General, then Transfer or Reset iPhone.

    Pick Reset > Reset Location & Privacy.

  2. Go back into Settings and choose Privacy.

    Pick Location Services > Find My. Enable “While Using the App.”

  3. Back in Location Services, choose Share My Location.

    Enable “Share My Location” and “Find My iPhone.”

  4. Go back to Location Services and select System Services.

    Enable “Find My” and “Share My Location.”

With all that said and done, the No Location Found error on your iPhone should be fixed. It goes without saying: Wi-Fi and or Mobile Data needs to be enabled as well where applicable. Now you can sit back and enjoy Apple Arcade or find out what the Share Focus Status is on Apple devices.

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