How To Eat Food & Consume Buffs in Soul Hackers 2

Eat all your food so you can be big and strong

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Stat buffs are always important in RPGs. That fact is just as true in Soul Hackers 2. The game takes an extra step to add a more ‘social’ aspect to eating and gaining buffs. This way you don’t feel like you’re just playing the same Megami Tensei game every time. Here’s how you eat food and consume buffs in Soul Hackers 2.

How to Get Food

As in real life, you have to start things out by learning how to eat properly as it were. Once you unlock the tutorial sections you unlock being able to eat food as well. Oh, and of course, you have to defeat a boss known as RS. Once you have beaten RS you now gain the food-eating ability. Once unlocked you can access consuming food from the safe house menu.

Using Food and Buffs

You will have to buy and pick up food as you explore the game in order to feed your crew and buff up their stats. The tricky part is though that not everyone will like the same food. You have to make sure the food you feed your party members will be accepted. If they don’t like it, it won’t work and might even have negative effects.

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There will be lots of choices so you have to figure out everyone’s favorite and the most effective buffs from eating. Thankfully there are ‘happy face’ icons next to each food when talking to a specific character. This will help you keep up with the food they like the most and don’t want at all.

Be cautious when using these buffs of course. You can only consume the food once. If you leave the safe house to go to a dungeon, but forget something or go to the wrong place, it could wipe away that buff before the start of the next combat. Then the buff will not be properly used.

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