How to Dunk the Basketball in Stray (Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy)


Run wild in the cyber city of Stray!

The cat adventures of Stray allow you to interact and play with many things around the game’s world. By doing all these actions, you may stumble upon a few trophies that make the experience even more satisfying. However, if you have difficulty unlocking the Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy, we’ll tell you how to dunk the basketball in the game.

How to Dunk the Basketball in Stray (Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy)

While exploring the lost-forgotten city, you’ll go through many areas filled with cyber beings and breathtaking visuals. One place, in particular, is a location called “The Slums” (Chapter 4), where you’ll be able to unlock the Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy of Stray.

Once players reach this area, go through the alleyway and talk to “The Guardian,” a bodyguard for frightened robots. But fret not; it will see you as friendly and let you roam freely in The Slums, giving you the chance to interact with the basketball for this trophy.

If you look to the right of The Guardian, you should see the ball near the edge of a slide-like platform, which you can utilize to “dunk” it in the trash can below. All you need to do is push the basketball toward this trash “hoop,” and it should now give you the game’s trophy.

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Those who don’t accurately put the ball in the trash can try again by reloading the checkpoint. So, you can keep doing this interaction until you eventually receive the achievement.

Now that you know how to dunk the basketball for Stray’s Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy, you can unlock even more of its collection throughout your journey. While you’re here, you can check out our other guides of Stray, like how to achieve the Meowlody Trophy, how to obtain the Worker Jacket and Helmet, how to get Energy Drinks Cans, and where to find the Cassette Player. Be sure to also explore any of the relevant links below for additional content.

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