How to Complete and Solve All Puzzles in the Office Rooms in Inside the Backrooms

last pool in inside the backrooms
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So, you’ve escaped the yellow walls of the backrooms, and have just taken the elevator to a more corporate setting. Inside the Backrooms takes you to the Office rooms for the final stretch of your journey. You may be glad to know there are less puzzles, but that comes with a greater danger. If you are completing the whole game in one run, let’s hope you didn’t die at all on the way here. You may use all of your lives getting out. Here is how to escape the Office rooms in Inside the Backrooms.

How to Beat the Office rooms in Inside the Backrooms

Whether you just started or are carrying on, you’ll start at the elevator entrance to see slick grey tiles and walls. Again, there are less puzzles, so there is more of a streamlined experience. As a checkpoint to the backrooms in case you want to go back (for whatever reason) you can enter the room to your left where will be a locked red door. Right next to it is a red button. Press it to open the door, giving you access to the rest of the game. If you start at the Office rooms checkpoint, the backrooms door will be locked still, but you can still go into the parking level.

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All Puzzles in the Office Rooms


The first thing you need to do is restore power. Opposite from the red door, past some wall dividers, will be a door that leads to a long hallway. Make sure nothing is chasing you as you go down it. Interact with the breaker and insert all four fuses by sliding them into the compartments from your inventory. Then exit your inventory and click on the level, turning the power on. This is needed for the next two puzzles.

fuses in Inside the backrooms
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Level Fun

The most infuriating and controversial puzzle is less of a puzzle and more of a survival game. It is recommended you do this right after restoring power due to the intensity. You will enter a large room, with a table and two ‘funned’ Hazmats sitting around a cake. Take the Moth Jelly on the table. The party hats are optional. You are about to encounter the Partygoer’s games.

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There is red button on the wall, press it. Then head over to the blood writing on the wall. This puzzle is set into three stages.

funned hazmat suits in Inside the Backrooms
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Pop the balloons

Red Balloons will spawn around the room. You must run around and pop them. Failure to do so within the time limit, indicated by a ticking clock audio that speeds up, will send all the balloons to rush at you, causing damage. Your character can withstand quite a few balloons, but try to get them all.

This will repeat three times, with more balloons featuring as the game goes on. It does not matter if you fail this, just pop as many balloons as you can. It is not worth using your Moth Jelly to assist you in this.

Find the gifts

Go back to the blood writing on the wall and stand in the square. Maze walls will rise. Your objective is to find gifts hidden around the maze. The first stage will feature one gift, the second stage featuring two gifts, and the last stage featuring three gifts.

That is not all however, if the timer runs out before you find all the gifts for that stage (which it certainly will) then the Partygoer itself will start walking around the maze. It is possible to still complete the stage if you avoid it.

If you die, then you will have to restart the stage you were on, but the Partygoer also resets. As a ghost, you cannot see the gifts or the Partygoer, although you can still see its balloon. Moth Jelly is recommended for this level.

Blow the candles

The walls will retreat back to the floor, and you must return to the blood writing on the wall and stand in the square for your final game. Red tape will feature on the ground, marking invisible walls. Your goal is to blow out all the candles that will light up around the invisible maze. You must make your way there before the time runs out. The first stage will feature one candle, the second stage featuring two candles, and the third stage featuring three candles.

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If the timer runs out, then the Partygoer, visibly stationary, will activate and frolic around the room, irrespective of the invisible walls. Its eyesight is not the best, however, and you may still sneak around it given a wide berth.

level fun in inside the backrooms
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The same rules of death for the previous game applies here.

When all the candles have been blown out, you must make your way to the table to blow out the final candles, where the cake will explode into the Red access card, used for escaping the backrooms for good.

A door will morph into existence on one of the walls. You must escape before the timer runs out. If the Partygoer gets you before you make it, use your incorporeal form to trace and remember what path you’re going to need to take once you are alive.

The flipped room

You will come across a room flipped upside down, with numbers and arrows pointing around. In the corner of that room is a rotary lock safe that holds the Abecedery Codex and the motion tracker, both needed for two future puzzles.

To know the combination for the rotary lock, go back to the entrance of the room and find the only number with an arrow pointing at it from below. Start there and follow the arrows directly. You will be lead to five numbers. Remember the numbers, but reverse the order. That is the combination for the lock.

rotary lock safe in inside the backrooms
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Go to the safe and interact with it. Using your mouse, scroll the dial to the first number, then change directions and turn all the way to the second number, then turn all the way until the next, and so on. As soon as you do it correctly, the safe will open.

The computer code and the blue door

To leave the Office rooms, you must leave through the locked blue door at the very end of the office block. To unlock it, you must input the correct code into the computer with five coloured post-it notes around the screen.

terminal in inside the backrooms
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To know the password, you must look at the monitors around the Office rooms. Five monitors will have a symbol on it that correlates to the Abecedery Codex. Find all the monitors and have a piece of paper or your phone ready to record the symbol and the colour of the background.

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Use the Abecedery Codex to see what letters you need, and use the post-it note colours to know what order to put the letters into. This password and the monitor symbols will be randomized every run.

When you have the password, interact with the computer and click on the keyboard in-game. Spell out the password and hit enter. The blue door will have unlocked.

To find the blue door, go through the room to the right of the computer and follow that linear path all the way to the end, going through a few rooms. The blue door at the end will be unlocked. If the skin-stealer is in your way, then press ‘G’ to whistle and hide in a locker. The entity then may walk the other direction, clearing your path.

The poolrooms and the clumps

For your final trial you must traverse two pools.

For the first pool, wear your hazmat suit as it will otherwise electrocute you. Once at the other end, keep walking down the hallway and have your motion tracker in hand.

pool in inside the backrooms
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The second pool is much larger and is teaming with entities (clumps) under the water’s surface. The motion tracker is the only way to know where they are. You must get to the other side of the pool and leave. You cannot run in the pool.

The best strategy is to keep moving and simply avoid where the clumps where before. Standing still may result in them swimming closer to you until you are trapped and ambushed.

Dying at this stage will spawn your loot and the luminous door at the entrance of the pool.

Once at the other end, climb up the ladder and go through the red door

Escaping the backrooms

No entity is after you now. Simply walk through the corners and hallways until you find a door. Enter it and walk into the light. An ending cutscene will play. Congratulations are in order.

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