How to Browse Through All TV Channels in Stray (Tele a Chat Trophy)


Sit back, relax, and channel surf to help you get this purrrfect Stray trophy!

If you’re looking to get the purrrfect Platinum trophy in Stray, you’ll need to browse through all TV channels in order to get the ‘Tele a Chat’ trophy. The problem is, that there could be hundreds of TVs in this cyber city, so you’ll need to know exactly which one to track down and interact with.

Stray ‘Tele a Chat’ Trophy Guide

This is a really easy trophy to get if you know where to find the TV in question. For this one, you need to head to the rooftop by Doc’s library. If you don’t know where this is, it’s to the east of Momo’s flat if you’re standing on his balcony looking out.

When you reach here, you should spot the television set and a sofa on a nearby rooftop. All you need to do now is climb up onto the sofa and you should be able to interact with the remote to change the channel. Do this four or five times and you’ll successfully browse through all TV channels.

how to browse through tv channels in Stray
Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive via Twinfinite

Each time you do so, you’ll change the channel on the TV. Once you’ve flicked through each channel, the ‘Tele a Chat’ trophy should pop, meaning you can continue on with all of your fiendish feline antics.

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That’s everything you need to know on how to browse through all TV channels in Stray and get that Tele a Chat trophy. Looking for more guides? We’ve got you covered with all Morusque Music Sheet locations, where the electrical cable is, what the mysterious safe password is, how to get Super Spirit Detergent and the Cassette Player, and how long Stray takes to beat, among many others.

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