How To Become A Contestant On Wheel Of Fortune? How To Apply For Wheel of Fortune?

How To Be A Contestant On Wheel Of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune is a popular American TV game show that was created by Merv Griffin. So, how to become a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune? First, you have to read all the eligibility rules. Go ahead and apply. Later, you can ask some questions if the show contacts you about being a contestant. Note that if you have already appeared on any version of Wheel of Fortune previously, you are not eligible to reappear. You are ineligible if you have appeared on a reality show in the last year or 3 of these shows in the last decade.

How To Become A Contestant On Wheel Of Fortune?

You can apply online by visiting the Wheel of Fortune website.

  • Go to the official website. In the blue navigation bar under the header photo, hover over “Contestants.”

  • A pink drop-down menu appears with some options.

  • Click on “Be A Contestant.” The 1st question asks you about your age group. You have to click on either “Adult,” “College Student,” or “Teen.” Remember to fill out the registration form accurately and fully.

  • Now, you have to submit a video. As an alternative to the form, the show allowed a “Face of the Fan” contest where future applicants could send in a 60-second video to score an audition. By doing this, any person in any city will get a chance. Visit their website to get more details.

How To Apply For Wheel of Fortune?

As mentioned before, you can apply online by going to the Wheel of Fortune website. After applying, look for the Wheelmobile, which goes through cities in America. Many fill out applications and gather in front of the stage with a travelling version of the Wheel and Puzzle board. The applications will be drawn at random throughout the event and call individuals on the stage to take part in a brief interview, playing a version of the show speed-up round and winning special prizes. You are going to be invited back to take part in final auditions if you are a promising candidate. If you want to be notified when the Wheelmobile comes to your region, you can fill out a form online to be notified.

Audition For Wheel Of Fortune

You have to do your best in the audition, which is usually held in hotel ballrooms. The contestant coordinators bring around 70 contestants together to make a sort of mini version of Wheel of Fortune, complete with puzzles and a miniature wheel. The participants will take turns standing, calling out the letters, and solving the puzzles. Then, they take a 5-minute written test that has 16 puzzles where you must fill in the missing letters. Later, they will grade the tests and hand out outdoor prizes. 

The coordinators tell some people to go home, while others are allowed to remain and play more games. But, if you make it past the 1st round, you still will not know the judgment. You need to wait to be contacted. Your selection depends on your test scores and on the impression of what type of contestant you will be.

Prepare For Wheel Of Fortune

Watch Wheel of Fortune and prepare to compete in the show. If you are selected to be on the show, you will have to be familiar with the structure and rules of the game. You must practice for your turn by guessing along with the contestants and seeing if you can win. Apart from watching the show, you need to practice more puzzles. So, stay mentally prepared and face the show if selected.

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