How to Beat Agent Ivan Oranchov in Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Agent Oranchov Human
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In Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed, there’s a nefarious plot orchestrated by the KGB. Despite the name of the game, we’re often forced to scratch out ‘humans’ and write-in ‘KGB agents.’ In the case of the second boss of the game, Agent Ivan Oranchov, this is made especially true. As in the last chapter, getting to the boss arena is more challenging than the boss itself. Here’s how to find and defeat Agent Oranchov.

How to Find Agent Ivan Oranchov

To reach Agent Oranchov, you’ll want to travel to Albion — the game’s analog for Great Britain. Pox tells Crypto that the KGB is operating out of an underground base in Albion, so you’ll have to suss it out. After performing a few mind-scans, the location of the base will become known. You’ll actually encounter the boss a lot earlier than you did with Coyote Bongwater. As you enter the arena, Oranchov will shoot a nearby barrel of “Revelade” gas, mutating him into an abominable monster. It’s go time.

How to Defeat Agent Ivan Oranchov

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Agent Oranchov Mutant
Image via Black Forest Games

In this first phase, your philosophy should be ‘shoot-n-dodge.’ There’s plenty of cover in the lab, so that shouldn’t be difficult. Beware of the acid this boss will shoot at you — even if he misses, the acid will remain on the floor, and stepping on it accidentally will inflict damage. It’s a troubling boss, because it can sometimes feel like you’re not even making a dent on him. But, remain patient and you’ll make it to the second phase, where things will start to go a lot more in your favor.

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In-between the first and second phases, you’ll have to follow Oranchov through a narrow pathway while fending off KGB agents. At the end of the path, you’ll find a datacore containing the Anal Probe. The Anal Probe launches critical shots that charge and release where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s this weapon that makes the second phase a lot easier than the first — but it still requires concentration.

The second phase is a lot like the first, but this time … you have the Anal Probe. Use it on Oranchov, and if you attain a critical shot, he’ll be forced back into his human form, and floating alien lifeforms will be released into the arena. It’s unclear if they pose a threat, but you still want to kill them as soon as they appear. If you don’t, they’ll re-enter Oranchov and he’ll revert to his abomination form. You also need to use the time whilst Oranchov is human to inflict as much damage as you can before he reverts.

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Just rinse and repeat until you’ve taken him down. It’s then that you’ll encounter the next obstacle in the game — Reginald Ponsonby Smythe, but that’s a story for another guide.

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