How to Battle Another Trainer with Your Buddy in Pokemon GO


Become a Pokemon Master with your Buddy in the Pokemon GO Anniversary Event.

Want to know how to battle other trainers with your Buddy in Pokemon GO? We’ve got you covered with this guide on the steps you need to take to achieve this Anniversary Event research goal. In addition, we’ll also explain the general process of how to challenge others in the game’s various methods.

How to Battle Another Trainer with Your Buddy in Pokemon GO

When playing Pokemon Go’s Anniversary Event, you may notice a new task that requires you to battle another trainer with your Buddy. To complete this, here’s what you can do:

  1. Feed your Pokemon three berries so that they will follow you around.
  2. Choose a Team Leader to train within the ‘Battle’ section of the menu.
  3. Once you press the Duel option, search for your Buddy in the collection (they should have a Buddy icon on their image.)
  4. Whether you win or lose, Pokemon GO still grants you the reward of the Anniversary goal.

After you’ve completed this task and the other goals of the event, you can claim the challenge’s rewards, as shown here:

Rewards when completing the Anniversary Event

Another option you can also use for this event is by using your Buddy in a battle against other players. To help you with this route, we’ll provide details about the game’s different procedures.

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How to Challenge Other Trainers in Pokemon GO

There are three different ways players can battle other trainers with your Buddy on Pokemon GO: Using a Battle QR code, remote online play, and participating in the GO Battle League. So, let’s do a breakdown of each method.

Battle Trainers with the Battle QR Code

When you are nearby other players of Pokemon GO, you’ll have the option to scan each other’s Battle Code. This method works best if your opponent isn’t an Ultra Friend or Best Friend since remote play requires you to be at a specific friendship rank. However, Trainers must still be at level 10 or higher to utilize the QR code.

Those wondering where to access their Battle Code can find it by pressing ‘Battle’ on your Main Menu. All you have to do after this is scroll down, and you should see the scannable option available.

Battle Trainers with Remote Online Play

If you have the appropriate friend rank, remote duels are essential for players far away from each other. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this method:

  1. Tap on your Trainer Profile while on Pokemon GO’s Map View.

    The location of your Trainer Profile is at the bottom left corner, showcasing a circular image of your character.

    Pokemon GO Trainer Profile
  2. Select the ‘Friend’ tab and choose the Trainer you want to battle.
    Friends on Pokemon GO
  3. Scroll through the Trainer’s profile to find the ‘Battle’ option.

    On your friend’s profile, you’ll see the ‘Battle’ symbol alongside ‘Send Gift’ and ‘Trade.’ Press this, and you’ll see a list of leagues to join, such as Great, Ultra, and Master. Choose the one you want, and everything should be good to go.
    Be aware that if your ‘Battle’ icon is gray, your friendship rank isn’t high enough.

    Choosing the battle option in Pokemon GO

Participating in the Pokemon GO League

The last option you can do to challenge other Trainers is battling in the Pokemon GO Leagues with a random online player. This method allows you to play with users worldwide using the game’s global matching system. However, you’ll need to follow the rules of each league to be able to do this feature.

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In Great League, you can only use Pokemon with a Max CP of 1,500, while Ultra League grants you permission to go even higher with a Max CP of 2,500. Finally, if you don’t particularly like restrictions, you can participate in the Master League, which has no limitation rules in battle. But, Trainers will first need to own at least three 2,500 CP or above Pokemon to challenge others in this tournament.

We hope this guide gives you a clearer understanding of how to battle other trainers with your Buddy in Pokemon GO. While you’re here, you can also explore the relevant links below and check out our guide on how to play with your Buddy in the game.

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