How To Backup, Restore & Export WhatsApp Stickers

You have loads of WhatsApp stickers but you wouldn’t love to lose them. You like to have backups of them or export them when you back up them. The next thing is to restore but you seem not to know how to do all this. That’s how we come about how to back and restore WhatsApp stickers on WhatsApp or how to export the WhatsApp stickers with the recent update or latest features. 

This artist comprises three different things that target one topic which is WhatsApp stickers so we will be talking about the step by step by teaching you how you can export, backup, and restore your WhatsApp sticker the same as your WhatsApp. Let’s keep moving and look into different methods that you can use to do this. 

How To Export WhatsApp Stickers 

There are different ways that you can export your WhatsApp stickers which we will show you just two different ways in which you will be able to export your it’s respectively as follows. 

  • Export WhatsApp Stickers Through Your Android Devices And. 
  • Using Your Laptop/PC to export your WhatsApp stickers. 

Those are the two methods that we are going to be using to export the WhatsApp stickers which will also bring reference to the WhatsApp stickers backup method in one or two ways. Let’s look into it one after the other. 

How To Export WhatsApp Stickers Using Android Devices

  • Firstly make sure you already make use of stickers on your whatsapp before and maybe people have been sending you some stickers. 
  • So to your file manager which is recommended to make use of Es file explorer, you can download one from here. 
  • Now open the file explorer or manager enter your phone storage use and located your WhatsApp folder from there ( if you are using mod WhatsApp like FM WhatsApp or GBwhatsapp then the folder you should look for should be related to the name of the mod whatsapp) 
  • After you have located the WhatsApp folder, open it and find media on the WhatsApp folder.
    how to export whatsapp stickers 
  • Click on it and you should be provided with a different folder there that will make you find a folder there named WhatsApp stickers as mentioned. 
  • If it’s mod WhatsApp then you should find something like GBwhatsapp sticker folder or others.
     how to backup whatsapp stickers
  • Go ahead and open the folder and check if your stickers are provided there if so.. Then you can now export the stickers. 
  • Just go back and long press to copy the folder I mean the WhatsApp stickers folder. 
  • Once that is done go back to your phone storage and paste it to another folder on sane storage units.
  • Or recommended to just paste it on an external SD card which you can insert to your device and paste the WhatsApp stickers folder there. 
  • Once it’s finished copying then you have successfully exported your WhatsApp stickers by doing so. 
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That’s the first method that you can use to export a WhatsApp sticker. Let’s look into the second method which will lead to some new use of a laptop or PC. 

How To Use A PC or Laptop To Export A WhatsApp Stickers 

  • You already know how to locate your WhatsApp stickers on your folder once you locate a file manager so we will be using the same process but a different guide. 
  • Now find a USD  Cord or cable that can be used to connect your phone and pc together. 
  • Insert the cable to your device and pc now open the file manager of your phone storage on pc now. 
  • Locate the WhatsApp stickers folder where you can find loads of your Stickers right-click to copy and click on Ctrl + C or simply control C which will copy the folder. 
    how to restore whatsapp stickers
  • Now go ahead to your PC or PC storage using create a new folder thereby Pressing or tap on Ctrl + N or Control N to create a new folder on your pc storage section. 
  • After that click paste the folder you just copy from your phone storage, using the command control V or Crtl + V and your WhatsApp stickers will start copying. 
  • Water for it to complete which is what we call WhatsApp sticker exporting as stated. 

Now the two methods that you can use to export your WhatsApp stickers is now to learn how you can backup and restore using the same method but you should know it’s two different things in common to backup the restore. 

How To Backup WhatsApp Stickers On Android Devices Or Mobile Device

You will use the same methods and processes stated above to backup your WhatsApp stickers. 

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Just use the same process to locate the WhatsApp stickers folder on your android devices or phone Device. 

You can simply back up by just copying or having a copy of the WhatsApp stickers folder. 

The stickers export and backup seem to share the same things so. use the same process that you get above to backup or get a copy of your WhatsApp stickers respectively. 

How To Backup WhatsApp Stickers On Pc

  • Very simple and straightforward. 
  • Get your USB cable to locate the WhatsApp stickers through your pc. 
  • On your android devices storage unit copy the WhatsApp stickers folder to your pc storage unit. 
  • Either to another folder and safe place on your device then you are good to go. 

Let’s move to the process of how you can restore your WhatsApp sticker back to WhatsApp. 

How To Restore WhatsApp Stickers To WhatsApp 

To restore your WhatsApp stickers back to WhatsApp just follow the following guidelines. 

Locate your WhatsApp sticker folder where you export/backup it to before & paste it back to the appropriate folder. 

It can be located on the WhatsApp folder followed by media then your WhatsApp stickers will restore back to normal. 

Same for your pc copy the folder back from your pc and paste it back to where you copied it from earlier than all. 

Simple as that, export, backup and restore just follow the steps as stated above. 

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