How to Attach Bait in Stardew Valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley
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Stardew Valley is a modern classic of a video game, with it needing no introduction as it continues to be one of the greatest farming simulator games out there. That also means for a regular influx of newcomers to the title even in 2024, and a certain element to the game tends to stump us all upon our initial playthrough. Attaching bait when fishing could not be any simpler, it just happens to be one area that needed a sentence of two of a tutorial to avoid the confusion of how and when you can attach said bait. Here’s our rundown about that question in particular.

How to attach bait in Stardew Valley

Bait in Stardew Valley is not actually a necessary item for fishing despite what you may otherwise expect. Using the standard fishing rod needs no bait, and simply equipping it and sending it out into any stream of water will reward you with something on the end of it, even if it’s just a useless and unwanted boot.

What bait does work on is a Fiberglass Rod, Iridium Rod and inside a Crab Pot. The reason for utilising bait is mostly for quicker catches, although this does not always have to be in relevance to just obtaining fishes. With the additional benefits coming from other bait types such as a magnet (increase the chance of obtaining treasure items), wild bait (increase the chance of obtaining two fish in one go) and magic bait (increase the chance of obtaining any fish no matter the season, time or location), the uses of said baits always significantly improves something when partaking in this activity.

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The way to obtain most of these items can be by purchasing them from Willy’s Fish Shop. Depending on your fishing level skill, the Bait, Crab Pot, Magnet, Fiberglass Rod and Iridium Rod can become available for players to purchase from Willy here. You can learn how to craft the Wild Bait from Linus from his four-heart event whilst the Magic Bait is obtained either by buying 20 of them for 5 Qi Gems, or buying the receipt for it with 20 Qi Gems via Qi’s Walnut Room.

How to attach bait for each platform

Now that the reasoning as to why you should bother with the baits and how exactly you can obtain them have been covered, here is a quick and snappy rundown of how you execute said fishing with any of these baits.

For PC, open your inventory and click on the bait. Shift from left-click to right-click to confirm how many you want to select. Once deciding on a total, simply right-click on the rod and it will have equipped the bait onto your rod of choice.

For PS4, press ‘X’ to select the bait as a whole, or square to select only one from the batch. Then press square to attach it to your rod.

For Xbox, press ‘A’ to select the bait as a whole, or ‘X’ to select only one from the batch. Then press ‘X’ to attach it to your rod.

For Switch, press ‘A’ to select the bait as a whole, or ‘Y’ to select only one from the batch. Then press ‘Y’ to attach it to your rod.

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For mobile devices, you simply have to drag and drop the bait from the inventory to your rod.

That’s all you need to know about Stardew Valley and Baits!

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