How Long is Midnight Fight Express

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Midnight Fight Express has been out for over 24 hours now and has definitely delivered on giving players a combat-focused game unlike any other. Meshing the brutal and calculated combat of games like the Batman Arkham series and Sifu with arcade beat ’em ups like Streets of Rage and Scott Pilgrim, Midnight Fight Express is the happy medium for gamers that just want a well-balanced fighting game.

One place where the game thrives, aside from its combat, is in how well its perfectly formulated levels flow. With each one offering enough action within its bite-sized duration, many gamers have wondered how long Midnight Fight Express actually is. Well, today we’re going to talk about it.

How Long is Midnight Fight Express

Like any good game that gives players goals, Midnight Fight Express offers players a standard campaign that includes many side objectives and activities that they can either get fully invested in or ignore altogether. Luckily, either way really won’t impact how you play the game aside from extra outfits or achievements.

As Midnight Fight Express’ levels are doled into small samples, this game actually offers quite a few levels for players to jump into and replay once completed. In total, there are exactly 40 levels to play and the average completion is around 4 hours, give or take, to finish everything up. But that 4 hours is really just based on the completion of the levels if ran through like a standard campaign.

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There are 3 different difficulties to play the game on, each with its own adjustments to your health, enemy fighting, and things of that nature. There’s even a custom difficulty selector as well. If you’re a completionist, you’ll want to pursue S-ranks on levels, complete all 3 of the challenges that each one has, as well as collect all 10 gold teeth within each too.

So while this game, at its base, is only 4 hours, it’ll take you a lot more if you’re someone who aims to 100% it. Additionally, there’s also the Playground mode that players can partake in to train with weapons, Skills, and enemies in order to hone what the game gives them, in order to be more effective during levels. So for its modest price, this game really does offer a lot of replayability within what’s included.

So, now you know how long Midnight Fight Express is and what to expect from the levels it includes.

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